Friday, December 10, 2010

More Fun at the Mall

This week it was Morgan’s turn to go birthday shopping with me. Morgan is a beautiful, intelligent, and motivated seventeen-year-old. Now that her older sister has moved out of the house, she is the eldest of the large brood, and I was anxious to see how she was coping with the responsibility. I enjoy hearing about her activities and her plans for the future.

As per our tradition, we went to her favorite restaurant – Olga’s. Morgan has her “usual”, but I like to try out one of their newer creations. We talk, we laugh, we eat. And then we shop. Like her sister, Morgan is very helpful. And being a typical teenager, she’s very knowledgeable about the mall. I had a list of gift cards to shop for, and she helped me find all the stores I needed. So now my Christmas shopping is nearly done!

I love birthday dinners and shopping time with my grandkids. Through our one-on-one times I learn about them, and I get the reassurance that all is well in their lives. I find out a little about what’s important to them, and I guess that’s important if I want to be writing about younger people. And there’s the advantage of knowing that the birthday gift I’ve purchased is one that they really want!

Life is good.

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