Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow is Christmas Day. Tonight my husband and I will celebrate the holiday with all our children and grandchildren. It's a time we look forward to each year. The grandkids are growing up, and now we are awaiting a new family member. The circle of love grows larger.

It's work to prepare for these events, but I'm learning to use my resources to make the work lighter. I used facebook to find out what all the grandkids wanted, and then had some of them help me with the shopping. Since two of the girls are now drivers wanting gas money, they're willing to come over and help me clean the house, pack the stockings, and move the furniture around. When I get involved in all my projects, stuff piles up, and it’s a lot of work to put everything away.

I try not to let things bother me too much. Maybe that's why the mess keeps piling up. If I were organized enough to keep things clean, I wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up every time I have company. But then again, cleaning up is part of the preparation around here. And it brings my granddaughters over to help. That's worth something.

Holidays and family. What could be better?

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