Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Music

I had this post written, but forgot to post it last Friday! And I thought I was so prepared and organized. Here is what was supposed to appear last week:

Christmas is definitely here! We've got a nice tree up in the living room (it's a little small for my taste, but my husband is happy) and it's decorated, and there are wrapped presents under it. I've got Christmas cards done and sent, and I've got the cards we've received all displayed on the garland I've put up on the wall. I'm pretty well caught up on purchasing gifts. And there is Christmas music in the air - on the radio, carolers, and school Christmas programs! My seven grandkids are active in music programs, and three performances took place this week.

The first was Gabe, on Monday. He's in the high school band, and I enjoyed a night of good music played by talented teens. Gabe goes to school nearby and he had the support of lots of family members.

The next night it was Scottie, who plays in the middle schoool orchestra. He had two grandmothers, an uncle, a few cousins in addition to his parents and sister there to watch him. Three different groups - all very large - took the stage at the beautiful auditorium.

And last night was Karlie and Evelyn's night. They sang in their elementary school program at a local church. More great songs, sung with wonderful child-like energy and end sincerity. They had a huge following - lots of family members there to cheer them on.

I love the holidays, and I especially love holiday music. My training as a musician does kick in once in a while, but my love as a grandma takes over and it's all beautiful. It's a wonderful time of the year made even more wonderful when you're surrounded by family. The songs are full of joy and hope, and that's what the season is all about. Take the time to enjoy it.

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