Friday, January 28, 2011

Waiting and Waiting

We are waiting for our new granddaughter to arrive. The nursery is ready, and all the grandparents are VERY ready. Of course I'm sure her mom is more than ready as well. But we know well that babies arrive when are good and ready, and nothing anyone does or says is going to make her come any earlier.

I'm sitting here contemplating what she will be like. Will she be a "go-getter" like her mom? Will she be intellectual? Girlie-girlie? Curious, but cautious? Will she be gentle, like her dad? Calm and diplomatic? Or will she be an interesting mix of both?

What will this little miracle look like? Will she be dark like her mother, or light like her father? Will she have any Asian characteristics at all? Will she love to travel, or will she be a homebody? Will she be domestic, or will she be a klutz in the kitchen?

No one but the Almighty knows the answers to any of these questions. All we can do is wait and find out. The only thing we know for sure is that she will have many hands eager to hold her and she will be unequivocally loved.

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's the Year of the Rabbit!

This is the Year of the Rabbit. It follows the year of the Tiger, and I understand this is supposed to be a year of calm after the tempestuous Tiger. Sounds good to me! I can use some calm – it’s a great setting for writing.

The Year of the Rabbit is also providing writing material for me. So far I've written a blog post for my writing group about it, and I dreamed up a theme for my monthly Scrapbooking club. It’s my turn to host, so I’m going with the Year of the Rabbit theme. So it's on my mind as I write this post. I'm gathering stuffed rabbits to decorate the place, preparing rabbit themed treats (fresh veggies and a carrot cake), and making rabbit door prizes.

I'm thinking rabbits. And I'm trying to get some writing done. Rabbits are prolific, so maybe that will apply to my writing this year. I’m trying to get things prepared for my writing group’s annual winter challenge, in which we each resolve to write 32,000 words in one month. That’s 1143 words per day, for 28 days in a row. I’ll have to hustle like a rabbit to get that done!

As I write, I'm sitting here in my recliner, dressed in my flannel jammies, my thick winter socks and slippers, and a nice beat-up dingy cardigan around my shoulders. I'm like a rabbit, burrowed in to my home. But unlike the rabbits, who sleep in their burrows, I'm at work. I'm using the time to keep my mind busy, creating worlds, thinking, dreaming, expressing.

It's cold outside (at least here in Michigan), but inside the fires are burning, and there's work to do.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Relaxation Vs. Wasting Time

Monday night I stayed up until 11:30 at night. That's not unreasonably late, except that I had been awake since 3 AM that day. As usual I had an extremely long "to do" list including several items to prepare for the next day. Instead, I watched TV. I watched a clone of "Hoarding: Buried Alive" on the new OWN network, and then switched to HGTV to watch "Holmes on Homes" and "House Hunters". Before I knew it, I was long overdue to get to bed. I overslept, and had a really difficult time getting ready for my sewing group and then work. Nothing was where I thought it should be, and I was an hour late getting to where I should have been. Not a good start to the day.

So of course all day Tuesday I regretted all the television watching. I should have been gathering the things I needed for the following day, making my checklist, filling up my bag, laying out my clothes, etc. But instead I watched television. I felt like such a failure.

But then again, I really don't watch that much TV. Shouldn't I be entitled to have a few hours of relaxation?

I ALWAYS have things that need to be done. And some of it never gets done - like deep cleaning and organizing. That's why I have a messy house. There are some things that MUST be done - preparation for classes, putting away laundry, paying bills, etc. There are things that SHOULD be done – checking on mom, recycling, eating more vegetables, and exercising. And there are things that I WANT to get done - sewing quilts, writing this blog. There are more "want tos" than there is time for. Logically, these should be at the bottom of the list - the last things to get finished, after the "must dos" and the “should dos”.

But the truth is, if I never get to the "want to" list, the quality of life diminishes. So I indulge once in a while. And for some reason, I still need rest. So relaxation becomes a "must". Granted, three hours of television is a bit excessive. If I had been wise, I would have watched maybe one or two hours, and then gone back to work on the "must do" list - or even better, gone to bed so that I wouldn't have slept in the next day!

Time management seems to be my nemesis. Maybe that's a good New Year resolution. For next year.

Friday, January 7, 2011

January Birthdays

January is birthday month around our house. The first birthday belongs to my husband, Mark, on the third. His mother told tales of going into labor on New Year's Eve, during a party she and her husband hosted, and lying in the hospital in misery for three days. He's now at the age when he would rather not be reminded of his birthday, but his kids do a good job of recognizing it anyway.

Next is my son-in-law, Aaron. This is his fourth birthday as a member of our family. He is exactly three days older than my daughter. This easy-going guy seems to be the polar opposite of his wife, making it difficult to believe he has the same horoscope as she has.

After Aaron is Mandy, my firstborn. She arrived during a frigid winter storm. I wrapped her up snugly and kept her bundled all winter. I wonder if that's why she's always cold now. Anyway, she and her husband are both some of the most thoughtful people around.

If my dad were still with us, he would be next. I’ll probably lift a glass to him on the 28th and remember all the wonderful things he did for me.

And soon we will have another granddaughter. She is supposed to arrive sometime this month. We don’t know what her name is, or what she will be like, but we know she will be very, very special.

After all, she’s joining a long line of very special people, born in the month of January.