Friday, January 7, 2011

January Birthdays

January is birthday month around our house. The first birthday belongs to my husband, Mark, on the third. His mother told tales of going into labor on New Year's Eve, during a party she and her husband hosted, and lying in the hospital in misery for three days. He's now at the age when he would rather not be reminded of his birthday, but his kids do a good job of recognizing it anyway.

Next is my son-in-law, Aaron. This is his fourth birthday as a member of our family. He is exactly three days older than my daughter. This easy-going guy seems to be the polar opposite of his wife, making it difficult to believe he has the same horoscope as she has.

After Aaron is Mandy, my firstborn. She arrived during a frigid winter storm. I wrapped her up snugly and kept her bundled all winter. I wonder if that's why she's always cold now. Anyway, she and her husband are both some of the most thoughtful people around.

If my dad were still with us, he would be next. I’ll probably lift a glass to him on the 28th and remember all the wonderful things he did for me.

And soon we will have another granddaughter. She is supposed to arrive sometime this month. We don’t know what her name is, or what she will be like, but we know she will be very, very special.

After all, she’s joining a long line of very special people, born in the month of January.


  1. Both of my kids are Aquarians, born in January. Two years minus one day apart. Joint birthday parties didn't work out like I'd thought and now they're older and thousands of miles apart.
    Are you planning a mass party?

  2. We usually celebrate the first three together. This year all the kids came for Mark's birthday last weekend, so we'll celebrate Mandy's and Aaron's next weekend.

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