Sunday, December 22, 2019

Charity Sunday: Streams of Hope

Streams of Hope
Grand Rapids, MI

Welcome! Today I want to tell you about another local organization called Streams of Hope.

Last month, I joined a few other local authors to sell and sign our books at a craft show in Cutlerville, a suburb on the south end of Grand Rapids, MI. In the booth next to us were a pair of lovely ladies who had a wide variety of items. We learned that they were from a local charity called that fed and cared for local residents in a variety of ways – through classes, medical care, after school tutoring, and so much more.

I took home a few items from their booth, along with information about their organization. I'm truly impressed by the scope of their influence on the community, and I promised them I'd feature them in this blog hop. Here's a short video to explain some of the things they do:

For each comment left below within the next week, I'll personally donate $5 toward Streams of Hope.

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