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Sherry Gloag: Rejection!

Today I am pleased to host fellow Astraea Press author Sherry Gloag. Sherry writes not only for Astraea Press, but at least two other publishers. She is a transplanted Scot now living in the beautiful coastal countryside of Norfolk, England. She considers the surrounding countryside as extension of her own garden, to which she escapes when she needs "thinking time" and solitude to work out the plots for her next novel. While out walking she enjoys talking to her characters, as long as there are no other walkers close by.
Apart from writing, Sherry enjoys gardening, walking, reading and cheerfully admits her books tend to take over most of the shelf and floor space in her workroom-cum-office. She also finds crystal craft work therapeutic.
Sherry has been a guest here in the past, but today she's talking an experience with her first published book, The Brat.

Thank you for inviting me to join you on your blog today, Patty.

Today I’m going to talk about a part of an author’s life that readers never see, and rarely hear about, and that is rejection.
Since the advent of digital publishing there are more authors chasing for a place on the various publishers’ lists; so, exponentially, there’s more chance of being rejected—or is there?
When I wrote my second novel, The Brat, which was the first to be published, I had a specific publisher in mind.  While I wrote the story I researched everything I could find about my chosen target. I spent months pouring over their submission requirements. I wrote, edited and edited again, all the while returning to the publisher’s specifications.
After more than a year I sent it off with high hopes.  I knew I’d done everything they’d asked for, so, I thought, if they rejected it, it would be because there were other better submissions and not because I’d done anything wrong.
The expected waiting time was several weeks, so I settled down and started another project, but within the week I heard back.
Well, hadn’t I steeled myself for just that?
I pulled out the surprising amount of literature included with the rejection and the included letter. Yes I got a letter. One that was to the point, didn’t pull any punches, and utterly devastated me.
It seemed my ‘perfect’ manuscript didn’t have a single attribute going for it.
Boy, did that hurt!
With my confidence completely shattered, I set my writing to one side for several months while I see-sawed from hurt to anger and back again. And then a new ingredient entered the fray.
I re-wrote, tweaked, shuffled my plotline, kept to my writing style and sent it off to an American digital publisher. It came back.
It came back with praise, recommendations and several suggestions all of which I took on board. I resubmitted it to a different line of that same publisher and met Cindy Davis.
Her first question to me was, ‘Tell me why I should accept your manuscript?’
“Because,” I said, “I believe in my characters and if you don’t take it I’ll keep submitting it until someone else does.”
Bless her little cotton socks, she took it, and me, on. At the same time telling me straight that she expected me to knuckle down and deal with all the changes and recommendations she asked for.
As a raw recruit into the world of book publishing I couldn’t have asked for a better editor. She was, and is awesome. (And believe me, since then, I have worked with several equally awesome editors.)
The Wild Rose Press published The Brat in October 2010. Since then I’ve had six more books published, three of them by Astraea Press.
So you see, sometimes what appears to be a very hurtful and gut-wrenching rejection can lay the foundation for a wonderful acceptance which includes meeting and working with some awesome and wonderful people.
To anyone reading this and starting out on their writing career, or wondering when or where their first acceptance is going to come from, I urge you to persevere. 
Be open to advice and to re-working your beloved manuscript if asked. Don’t let rejection(s) get you down. Use them as stepping stones to your first/next acceptance.
On looking back, I can only thank that first publisher for rejecting me.  My writing style didn’t suit their requirements, even though I thought I’d got it right. But that rejection laid the foundation to a future that opened up for me and led me to a community of wonderful, big-hearted and supportive people who have become my friends.

Look for Sherry's other books at her author page at Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble.
Sherry can be found at her website, her blog, on facebook, and on Twitter.
The Brat can be purchased at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Amazon UK, All Romance Ebooks, and other ebook outlets

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Mega-Blitz: Class of '85 Tour

I love promoting fellow authors, especially when I know them personally. So when Margo Hoornstra, a fellow member of the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America (MMRWA) needed a place to promote her book, I jumped at the opportunity. Margo is the author of several wonderful stories published at The Wild Rose Press, including three that are part of the Class of '85 series. She's also very supportive of every one else's writing, regularly visiting and commenting on this blog.  Margo and four other series authors are joining together to promote their books, all of which are FREE today at Amazon! Here are the five authors, their books, and Amazon links for their free books:

To Be, Or Not by Margo Hoornstra
Barry Carlson had it all, a successful career in professional baseball and the adoration of any woman he wanted. Except one. Forced to retire in his prime, Barry returns to his hometown of Summerville, New York to coach the Minor League Hornets.
Twenty years ago, Barry broke through Amanda Marsh’s trust issues. He melted her ice, won her love, then walked away without a backward glance to survey the wreckage. Now Amanda is the head of public relations for the Hornets and happily single—until Barry slides back into her life.
Still reluctant to trust, Amanda gives Barry another chance. But the announcement of their twenty-fifth high school reunion leads to an asinine bet between Barry and his old buddies, and threatens to ruin their newfound relationship. As scandals of the past and present converge, can Barry and Amanda get beyond their differences to find their second chance at love?

The Lonely Road to You by Jannine Gallant
Kate Abbott isn’t looking for excitement and is perfectly content with the secure life she’s built in Seattle, even if her son thinks she’s in an uninspired rut. Former rock star Tyler North has no intention of shaking up his life on the Montana ranch where he fled years before to escape the ravages of fame and fortune. Neither plan to attend their 25 year high school reunion in Summerville, but fate throws them together on a lonely road, leading them on a journey of discovery.
From the majesty of Yellowstone to the shores of Lake Ontario, Kate and Tyler fight unexpected attractions and old insecurities. Their journey is full of surprises and odd twists. From bison and bears to a deep crevasse and a crazy old man, they work together to overcome the obstacles in their path. But will these two opposites be able to put aside fear of change and rejection to take a chance on the promise of love?

Embraceable You by Kat Henry Doran
Award-winning photojournalist Dru Horvath doesn't stay in one spot for too long. Her vocation of documenting abuses against women worldwide prevents her from risking her heart. Every day working stiff Rory McElroy is a two-time loser when it comes to women—and he doesn't plan to take a chance on a relationship again, thank you very much.
But when Dru comes back into his life, he's not sure which poses the greater risk: protecting her from third world thugs who want to silence her permanently—or allowing the one woman who captured his heart years ago to embrace him for good.

Promises, Promises by Silver James
Betrayed former society wife Kelly Kincaid only wants to make things right. Paying off her ex-husband’s debt of honor is tough when a minimum-wage job back in her hometown is the only one she can find. Could the answer to her problems be right in front of her?
The moment pub owner Michael Doogan sees Summerville High School’s former golden girl at the train station, he loses his heart. Again. He’d give Kelly Kincaid the world on a platter, but the stubborn woman is intent on going her way alone. A threat to her safety provides him the incentive to stand up for what he wants, but will he have the patience to win her love?

Something More by Keena Kincaid
If she could, Nora Emerson would demand a "do over" of the last twenty-five years. An emotionally abusive marriage, failed fertility treatments and a nasty, public divorce have left her bruised, skittish and determined to remain independent at all costs.
With an all-consuming business and a furious teenage sister on his hands, Nora is a complication Nick McPherson doesn't need. It's one he wants. Her vulnerability and kick-ass competency intrigue him, and the sexual sparks between them could set Summerville on fire. The more she insists the sex is just for fun, the more determined he becomes to turn their fling into something more.

Treat yourself to a free book—or five! Here are the fabulous book covers:

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Please Welcome Author Brenda Maxfield

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Today I am pleased to welcome fellow Astraea Press author Brenda Maxfield. Brenda is practically a neighbor – she's in Indiana, but she's lived in the Honduras, Grand Cayman, and Costa Rica. She's a high school teacher, a mom, and a brand new grandma! Brenda is here to share a bit about her brand new release, The Lance Temptation, available now at Astraea Press.

Blurb for The Lance Temptation:
Sophomore Emili Jones has had it with being a boring, straight-A student. Itching for excitement, she sees plenty of it in classmate Farah Menin’s life of frequent dates and edgy adventure. Hoping the popularity will rub off, Emili latches onto Farah and manipulates herself into best friend status. The connection helps her land the hot new guy, Lance Jankins, but there’s a catch. Now a pawn in Farah’s dating games, Emili is on a crash course to betrayal. Will she realize it in time to save herself? 

The Lance Temptation is the first in a series called The Edgemont Collection. Here's an excerpt:
Farah carried her tray with its plate of green beans as if it were the royal jewels. She sashayed toward our regular table in the corner of the cafeteria, her hips lightly brushing the backs of the entire high school football team who’d already grabbed the table in the nearest the food. The catcalls began immediately.
“Hot stuff,” one player yelled, and then whistled.
With practiced innocence, Farah paused, and turned to face the guys. She rolled her green eyes and shook her head, feigning annoyance. A smile played on her lips. Then she fluttered her thick lashes and continued on, skirting her way to our table in the back.
Oh yeah, she’s a master at everything I’m not. All Farah has to do is show up and the boys follow, frolicking like puppies around a bone. So, shameful as it sounds—I made it my business to become her friend, even if it meant dropping everyone in my tight circle. I was done being the boring, straight A girl. I wanted the hot guys to drool around me for once, and I figured the connection couldn’t hurt.
Watch and learn, Farah had said. Right.
I stood with my tuna sandwich stuffed inside my crumpled lunch sack, sighed heavily and followed her, trying not to let my shoes clack out my progress. Nobody’s eyes followed my every move.
Well, there’s a surprise.
I slid onto the bench across from her. It was Monday—the only day Farah’s halfway civilized because she’s tired from the weekend—and we were eating lunch together as usual.
Farah opened her milk carton, and took a drink. She tipped her head, letting her thick red hair cascade down her back. The loose curls nearly touched her waist. Farah’s well aware how flat-out gorgeous she is, and she quickly glanced around to see who might be watching.
The table of girls to the side of us stared at her. When they spotted me looking at them, they huddled together in one big gossip head. Farah saw them laughing, pointing, and whispering. Her expression hardened. “What a bunch of wannabe’s.”
“They’re jealous,” I said.
Farah leaned across the end of our table toward them. “Talk about me all you want, you sad groupies.”
Their heads jerked apart and each one of them glared at her. Farah scowled, and then turned her attention back to me.
I heard a yelp behind me, and someone hollered, “You’re disgusting!” A burst of raucous laughter filled the air. I could see Farah watching the whole scene over my shoulder. Wide-eyed, she jumped from her seat and flew to a table of freshmen girls. I swirled around to observe. Farah lunged across their strewn trays and stuck her face against a shocked girl’s nose. “Leave her alone! Do it again, and you’ll deal with me.”
Her harsh voice echoed across the cafeteria. The freshmen girls were shocked into silence, but their lips fairly curled into snarls.
A choked sniffle came from a girl cowering at the end of the table. Macaroni was splattered all over her uniform. Farah stood up to her full height, her cheeks blotched red. She regarded the sniveling girl. “You okay?”
There was no answer.
“Want help cleaning up?”
The girl shook her head, picked up a napkin, and started wiping at her shirt.
Farah squared her shoulders and returned to our table. I stared at her. “What was that?”
“Bullies. I hate them. And where are the lunch monitors, anyway?” She picked up her fork and took a bite of green beans.
“You know, sometimes you’re actually nice.”
Farah grimaced. “Don’t let it get around.”
I laughed and picked up my sandwich. Right then a tender feeling of protectiveness toward Farah washed over me.
And that’s when he descended upon our table. The New Guy. The one I’d secretly been panting after since he transferred to our school two weeks earlier.

Buy Links: Check Brenda's website for info:
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Firsts: MFRW Mainstream Blog Hop

Welcome to Creative Hodgepodge! I'm so happy to be a part of this blog hop. We are celebrating firsts, and I had to think about the characters in my story The Samurai's Garden, to find a first worth telling you about. I decided to focus on my main character, Hanako. She's a subsistence farmer in Japan during the time known as the Meiji period. Her farm was raided the previous fall, and the vandals killed her husband, ruined her crops, and slaughtered her livestock. She's had a rough life, but the arrival of an ex-samurai named Hiro changes all that. And having Hiro to help with the farm work allows Hanako to experience something new: friendship. A neighbor, the Widow Nakamura, becomes Hanako's first friend:

She nearly dropped the long wooden chopsticks she used to stir her concoction. "Nakamura-san, forgive me," she cried, quickly turning to bow to her esteemed neighbor.
"Please do not stop your work. I was passing by on the way to the village, and the wonderful aroma from your new home enticed me to investigate."
"Thank you. But — this is actually Hiro’s home," she began.
"And you are merely a servant? No, this will be your home soon, when you and Hiro marry. And then you will have servants to prepare your food."
"Servants? No, I —" she paused in her denial, realizing that Hiro, as the head of the household, would undoubtedly hire servants to take care of the housework. The idea was unsettling. After working hard all her life, how could she sit back and let people work for her?
"Have I disturbed you, Hanako-san?"
"Oh! Of course not. Would you like some tea?"
"You are kind to offer, but my son is outside fixing a broken wheel on our wagon. I must be ready to go when he is. But I wanted to let you know — I have heard about the extra samurai Tanaka-san has recruited. You should not have to feed all these hungry men alone. Please allow me to assist you. Since you already have tonight’s meal started, I will send food over for tomorrow."
Hanako stared in amazement at the woman’s offer. It had never occurred to her to ask for help. "I — I am humbled by your generosity, Nakamura-san," she finally managed.
The older woman smiled. "You are so accustomed to doing everything alone. But these men are helping the entire village and surrounding areas. It is only right we should all help to feed them."
Hanako again stammered her thanks. "But how did you hear about the new soldiers? Watanabe-san arrived only today."
"Tanaka-san is a celebrity in the village. When his friend arrived, asking where to find him, word immediately spread. My sons learned that others are coming. When they arrive, we will all be honored to help feed and house them."
Noburo Nakamura appeared at the doorway. He bowed a greeting to Hanako and then to his mother. "Okaasan, the wagon is repaired enough for us to return home. I am sorry to make you wait."
"It is no trouble, Nobu-chan," the widow replied. "I rather enjoyed this opportunity to visit with our neighbor." Turning to Hanako, she repeated her promise to send food the next day, and left.
Hanako returned to her cooking, but as she worked, she marveled at this unfamiliar feeling of contentment. It wasn’t from the fact that she wasn’t hungry or excessively tired. It wasn’t from the fact that she felt safe with three former samurai in her home. It came from her connection with another human being, another woman, who expressed care for her well-being and was willing to help. This must be what people referred to as friendship.
She decided she liked having a friend. 
Thank you so much for stopping in! I'm offering a copy of The Samurai's Garden to a randomly selected commenter. All you need to do is to tell me about your first best friend. What made your relationship with them special? If more than twenty people comment, I'll offer another of my books as a prize. Winners will be announced on Friday, February 15. Or if you can't wait, you can order The Samurai's Garden by going to one of these links: Astraea Press, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.
Have a lovely Valentine's Day!

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Please Welcome Author Darcy Flynn

Today it is my pleasure to introduce author Darcy Flynn. Here's what bio tells us:

"Darcy Flynn’s life is a gumbo world. Take a little New Orleans heritage, some art, music, dance and add a lot of love and time to simmer and all you have is spice, flavor, and a memory of something so fine you can't wait for another helping. Her fiction is a few B&Bs, a couple lighthouses, a bit of moon magic and a lot of problems mixed with a healthy portion of sweet romance. Add a dash of sizzle and a lot of sass and all that's left is magic."
Darcy writes sweet contemporary romances, and her book Keeper of My Heart was published by Soul Mate Publishing. Darcy is here to tell us about her inspiration for one of the characters in her story.

Simple Things

In my book, Keeper Of My Heart, my heroine, Katie McCullough, has a special bond with an elderly man whom she “adopted” at age ten as her ‘stand-in’ grandfather. One of the things I love about Katie is her devotion to this wonderful man.
As a child growing up in New Orleans, I knew a kind elderly lady named Mrs. Bulleman. I called her Mrs. B. She lived across the street from us and for the most part was house bound. My mother, an avid gardener, had a cutting garden in the front of our little house on Wilton Drive, and once a week during the summer she’d cut a bouquet of flowers for her.
I had the privilege of bringing the flowers over to her house. As a little girl, this was a highlight for me because I was allowed to cross the street "all by myself." I felt very grown up and knew I was doing something grand when I handed over the lush bouquet to this lovely lady. I can still see the joy on her face as she took the flowers from me. Most of the time she’d invite me in for a cold lemon aid and a piece of chocolate. I remember sitting in her semi dark parlor leaning over the coffee table hoping I’d pick a piece with a nut inside.
One Christmas when I was about nine or ten, I was in Sears shopping for presents with my mother. Armed with fifty cents I went through the store looking for something I could buy for my only living grandmother and for Mrs. B. I had adopted her as my "in town" grandmother so no way could I leave her out. A sales lady suggested I buy each of them a butter knife. They were only twenty cents each.  So I did.
As the years went by and I grew older, it was my mother who took Mrs. B. her ‘weekly’ bouquet. But once, in my teen years, just as I was about to go out with friends, my mother grabbed me. “Run these over to Mrs. Bulleman. She hasn’t seen you all summer.”
I crossed the street with flowers in hand and was met with the same joyful reception I remembered as a child. Mrs. B. kindly offered me something cool to drink. I looked back at my friends, motioned for them to wait, and stepped inside her parlor.
Several years after Mrs. B died I was home planning my wedding when her daughter showed up at our back door. She smiled and handed me the little butter knife I’d given her mother all those years ago. A sweet flood of memories filled me as I recalled the day I bought her that knife. Her daughter shared with me how much my gift had meant to her mother and knew she would’ve wanted me to have it back.
Today, that simple, inexpensive knife sits by my butter dish. We use it every day. For me it’s a precious reminder of Mrs. B’s gracious acceptance of a small child’s gift and of how a life is touched by thoughtful actions and the simplest things.
Growing up, did you have an elderly neighbor that influenced you in a meaningful way?  Or maybe, there’s someone right now in your life that holds a special place as a surrogate grandparent either to you or to your children? Is there a special object or gift that reminds you of this person?
I would love to hear your stories.

Darcy :)

Keeper of My Heart is available on Amazon, B&N and Soul Mate Publishing.
Follow Darcy on: Facebook  &  Twitter 

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Please Welcome Author Jennifer Lowery

Today I am pleased to welcome a fellow member of the Mid-Michigan Romance Writers of America, Jennifer Lowery. She's here to tell us about her latest release, and she's offering a special gift to one commenter!

Hi, Patty and all you fabulous readers out there *waves* Thank you so much for having me today! My debut book, The Treasure, released this month so I’m very excited to be here! Thank you so much for sharing it with me!! 
In honor of my release I am giving away a $5.00 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter so please leave me a comment with your EMAIL to be entered to win!!

Every writer gets asked where their inspiration comes from for their stories, I think. Sometimes we have a clear answer, others, not so much. The Treasure actually came to me in the form of the aunt instead of the hero or heroine. I just knew I had to write Aunt Pandora’s story. She was such a strong presence, and her story needed to be told. Telling her story from the grave was another matter all together, lol.
Aunt Pandora left her three nieces each a gift after her passing. Each gift is a simple thing from her life that makes no sense to the sisters. But, in a letter she hand writes on her deathbed she leaves a cryptic message for each niece. This series will be three books. One for each sister and their journey to discover the message hidden in the gift given by what they thought was a crazy old lady. But what they discover is the one thing Aunt Pandora never found for herself. The one thing she wanted each of the sisters to discover through her gifts, as she was unable to until it was too late.
Amelia’s story is the first in the series. She’s the youngest of the three sisters. The one who wanted to follow in Aunt Pandora’s footsteps the most and live the wild, free-spirited lifestyle her aunt had. So, when she receives a hand-drawn map from her aunt leading to a buried treasure she takes that leap of faith and leaves her ordinary life behind for her chance at adventure. Except her Indiana Jones turns out to be a brooding, gruff bush pilot and the jungle is not an exotic wonderland.
I hope you enjoy Amelia and Brody’s story! I had so much fun writing them! Sparks flew from page one and boy does Brody have his hands full with this Sawyer sister, lol. I’m currently working on Book #2, The Prize, which will be the middle sister, Brittany. Look for her to chase down her gift in Africa with a Doctors Without Borders hero who has no time for a woman with commitment issues. Book#3, The Secret, will be after that, featuring the oldest sister, Caroline and a detective staying at her Bed & Breakfast, on the down low. Until he saves a life and ends up on the front page of the local paper!
Thank you for having me today, Patty!! I just want to send out a big THANK YOU to all my readers out there! Without you I wouldn’t be here. My wish is to one day meet each and every one of you so I can personally thank you for your generosity and support! 
All my best, 


Amelia Sawyer is looking for adventure outside her ordinary life. She hires bush pilot Brody Kern to fly her into the South American jungle, expecting a dashing, debonair version of Indiana Jones, but Amelia butts heads with the brooding, gruff man.
Brody Kern, former Air Force fighter pilot, doesn’t need another Sawyer determined to find the elusive ParaĆ­so.  People had been hurt or killed trying to find the mysterious place, including Amelia’s aunt, but Brody’s business partner has cleaned out their account and taken off with the money. Now Jeremy’s bookie is breathing down Brody’s neck, threatening to break his kneecaps, or worse, if he doesn’t pay his friend’s gambling debts.   
As Brody and Amelia hunt down the treasure with every criminal in the area wanting a piece, will it be the adventure of a lifetime—or will it result in heartbreaking betrayal?  

Sensuality Level: Sensual


The door to the hangar flew open. Brody popped his head out. “Miss Sawyer, we have to go. Right now. Move it.”
Not the words she wanted to hear, but his tone and the red welt on his cheek got her moving. Clutching her bags like a shield, she hurried toward the hangar, tripping only once in her rush to see what happened.
She stumbled through the door. “What happened?” she asked, staring at the crumpled body of Mr. Newton and another man she didn’t recognize on the floor.
Brody, who was throwing side panels on the plane, barked, “Get in the plane.”
That plane?” Getting in the red and white piece of tin didn’t sound like a good idea. The plane looked even less reliable than his Land Rover. And wasn’t that an engine part lying on the floor beside his toolbox?
“She’ll run fine.” Brody ran around to the other side of the plane, obviously to finish his hasty repair and put his plane back together. “Now, get the hell in.”
Mr. Newton groaned.
“I’m not sure about this,” she said. “What did you do to them?”
“Nothing they didn’t invite.”
In other words, he wasn’t going to tell her.
“If you don’t get in this plane right now, then our friends there are going to wake up and they aren’t going to be happy. They want the map, Miss Sawyer, and I have no intention of giving it to them. Do you?”
Amelia shook her head, looking at the two men who were beginning to stir. “Okay, okay.” She hurried toward the plane. “You’re giving me answers to your change of heart just as soon as we get out of here, Brody Kern.”
He opened the door for her, took her bags and tossed them in the back, then lifted her in the front seat before he slammed the door closed. Once he was in the seat next to her, he brought the plane to life. It choked and sputtered before gaining power.
Reaching over her shoulder, she put on a seatbelt as Brody maneuvered the plane out of the hangar and onto the runway, which was nothing more than a cleared path through the jungle. The plane bounced and shook as they gained speed. It was nothing like the jet she flew in on. Nothing at all.
She had loved the plane ride over. Loved flying the second she set foot on the jet. Maybe because it was the official start of her adventure, but either way, it was more fun than this. Safer, for sure. Brody’s plane sounded like a tank rattling down the road and it rode like one too. And she thought his Land Rover was bad. It felt like riding in a tin can with seats. Very close quarters. Every time they hit a bump, her shoulder hit Brody’s.
“Are we going fast enough?” Amelia asked, worried they would hit the end of the runway before they gained enough speed. “Do you know how to fly this thing?”
Brody didn’t answer, just concentrated on his task. He seemed confident enough with his hands on the oddly shaped steering wheel and his eyes watching the many dials. She had one of the funny shaped wheels on her side too, but she didn’t touch it. It moved with Brody’s so she let him have it.
Nerves pounding, heart pumping, Amelia held on for dear life as they barreled down the runway. Frightened and excited, she watched the runway get shorter. Her life was in Brody’s hands and somehow that exhilarated her. Trees rushed past, her heart raced.
They were almost at the end of the path. Trees loomed ahead, tall and unyielding, creating a barrier. Amelia gripped the seat in anticipation.
They weren’t going to make it.

Author Bio: 

Jennifer Lowery lives in Michigan where she spends her time writing stories feature alpha heroes who meet their match with strong, independent heroines. Learn more about her at Check out her blog Romance Recipes at
Follow her on Twitter @JLoweryauthor and on Facebook at:

The Treasure is available at Crimson Romance, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and iTunes.

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Big News!

Image credit: frbird / 123RF Stock Photo

So much news today! For me, the excitement began at 4 am when I opened my email and found a message from my editor informing me that The Samurai's Garden will soon be available in print form! It's being formatted for print at Create Space, which is a division of Amazon, and will available only at the Amazon website (unless you know me personally and want a signed copy from me!). I don't know what the price will be or exactly when it will be available, but I'll keep you posted here on this blog.
Second, Stephanie Michels and I are featured today at Susana's Morning Room. Please come and visit us at Susana's blog and leave a comment!
Third, my publisher, Astraea Press, is having a Birthday Party! AP is two years old now, and is celebrating by giving away TWO FREE BOOKS every day this month! All you have to do is go to the AP Blog at to see which titles are offered. You'll get a link to the books on Smashwords, along with a coupon code to enter so you can download them free! This is a great way to build up your e-library! Today's titles are Abiding Echoes by Kay Springsteen and The Sentence by Elaine Cantrell.
And there's one more freebie I'll tell you about! Astraea Press has a book club you can join simply by joining their facebook page: - once you're a member, you can send an email request for the book of the month (This month it's The Key to Love by Meg Mims) at and it's yours, absolutely free!
So much exciting news! I've got three new books to start on tonight. Happy reading!