Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sweet Saturday

            Welcome back! Here's another scene from my new release, Aegean Intrigue. Francie and the crew have arrived at the dig site and are ready to work:

After stowing their belongings, the crew quickly got to work. The dig area was marked with ropes, and the surface dirt had been removed. Professor Theo took charge of explaining the routine and job expectations to the newer members while Francie,
Dimitri, and Yannis built two table screens to be used for sifting the dirt and sorting their finds. Dimitri was a quick learner. Once Francie explained what was needed, he simply nodded and went to work. Yannis, however, was content to stand back and wait to be
told what to do every step of the way. Francie hoped he wouldn't continue this behavior throughout the dig.
Someone was staring at her again. She looked around her, but Alex was busy with the professor. Who else could it be? She turned her gaze up the hill, toward the mansion.
A tall lean man stood at the top of the hill, watching them work. His salt-and-pepper hair was trimmed in a professional style and his gray suit slacks fit him well. He held his jacket, his tie was loosened, and his white shirt was open at the neck. Though he was far away, Francie felt his gaze boring into her. This must be Zotis, the owner of the estate. She bent again to her task, though she found it difficult to concentrate with the man on the hill staring down. Silly, she told herself. He's not looking at you. He's just
watching over the entire crew.
But another glance upward confirmed his gaze still pointed her way. Alex ended his conversation with Professor Theo and climbed up the hill to meet with the newcomer. Their discussion was brief, and when Zotis turned away, Francie felt a sense of relief, as if a dark cloud had been lifted.
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  1. Intriguing, I sure want to know more.

  2. Very intriguing as Sherry said. Yes, I need to know who Zoltis is and why he was staring. I'm thinking it's because he's attracted to her but it sounds more ominous. Can't wait to read more!

  3. ahhhh, great stuff, Patricia! More! More!

  4. This so intriguing! Before I read Sherry and Jean's comments, "intriguing" was the word that came to mind. Who is this stranger? I'm definately interested in reading more. Great sample. :-)

  5. Oooh, this is wonderful! I love that little twist at the end that darkens this piece. That was insanely clever!

  6. I love the building of tension with the introduction of this new person

  7. Nice sample, and I loved the introduction of the mysterious stranger at the end. I also love how it's set during an archaeological dig, since archaeology and paleontology have long been among my dream careers.

  8. Hmm. Is this the love interest or a villian staring at her? Makes you want to know.

  9. Oh, I think he's looking at her all right!! Great sample as always, Patricia!