Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome back! I'm jumping back into the present with an excerpt from my newly released Greek island novella, Aegean Intrigue. Here, Francie is boarding the ferry to travel from Athens to the island of Paros:

Stepping off the escalator, she made her way past the cafĂ© and gift shop to the reserved seats. Whoever is funding this dig certainly has deep pockets, she thought. The heavily padded “airplane-style seats” would be a special treat. She could snuggle in and close her eyes.
“Good morning.”
Turning toward the voice, her gaze met that of the very man who had haunted her dreams the last few weeks. As usual, Alex looked crisp and well rested, unlike the majority of the passengers on the early morning shuttle. A light blue polo shirt fit snugly over
his muscled shoulders and arms, and crisp khaki pants completed his outfit. He looked as if he had stepped from a gentleman's magazine. The battered brown satchel lay across his lap, a sheaf of papers lying on top of it.
“Good morning,” she managed. Breaking eye contact, she glanced down at her ticket to check her seat number and nearly groaned. Her seat was right next to his.
So much for the relaxing trip, she thought. What had she done to deserve four full hours seated next to this disturbing man?
Her face must have reflected her dismay. “I apologize if my presence distresses you. I had hoped to go over some of the details of the dig while we had time before our arrival.”
“Why would you want to go over them with me? Professor Theo is in charge of the dig.”
“On paper, yes. But you are his assistant. Has he shared the details with you?”
She frowned. “No, he hasn’t.”
“I thought not. He is known for his forgetfulness. I have made an extra copy of his materials for you, including a dossier on each of the other participants.”
She made no move to sit, and he sighed. “I can move to another seat once we have gone through the details.”
She unlooped the straps of her backpack and sat, chiding herself for appearing so childish.
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  1. Alex sounds yummy. No wonder he disturbs her.

  2. Ah, fate is a wonderful thing. Have I told you how much I love your cover? Thanks for sharing :)

  3. I love the tension already between them! Even he can see her discomfort - ouch. ;c)

  4. With a forgetful professor in charge of the dig, it sounds like Francie is going to have more responsibility than she'd anticipated. Then add in the yummy Alex and there's plenty of room for excitement. Good story, and I love the setting too.

  5. I like where this is going. Nice sample.

  6. Oh man! I can sympathize with Francie here. Great sample, Patty.

  7. Sounds like the dig is going to be more than she anticipated

  8. Love it! Sounds like the two of the will have lots of stuff to uncover! LOL.
    great snippet!