Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Milestone

My baby graduates from college tomorrow.

She called me on Wednesday, during my lunch break. “Mom, I just had to call you,” she began.

She didn’t sound panicked or worried, so I assumed it wasn’t bad news. “What’s up?” I asked.

“I am officially done with school! I turned in my last project this morning. I am a college graduate!”

I’m just as excited as she is. And I’ll admit, I’m a little sad, too. Why? Because we are officially empty-nesters. She hasn’t really lived at home for a while, but it’s still been her home base. She brings her laundry on weekends, catches up on the news, and checks her mail. But soon she’ll be taking off for parts unknown, ready to live her life, whatever that means. She’ll be making her own decisions, paying her own way, and forging her own path.

She’s got plans. She’s going to travel across the country and see things. She’s going to work for sustainability, a cleaner, healthier earth, and equality for all. I’m so proud of the things she’s done, the things she’s doing now, and the things she plans to do.

My baby is all grown up. The toddler who climbed onto the kitchen counter because she wanted to fix her own lunch is now a young lady who whips up entire meals for herself and assorted friends. The urchin who dragged in assorted stones from the yard for her “rock collection” now chides me for my endless piles of fabric and scrapbooking materials. And the little girl who lost herself in endless tales of fantasy is now creating tales of her own through the fascinating life she will lead.

I guess I’m not done being a mom. But the job description is going to look a lot different from this point on. I know others have gone through this and survived to tell about it, and I will too.

But I’m going to miss the old job. At least for a while.

Goals updates:

Health – down the tubes. I’ve been doing too much snacking during my sit-down job, and no trips to the gym lately.

Writing: met with my critique group last weekend. Started watching movies as a possible resource for the historical time period. Not much luck there.

Creativity: helped mom make some table favors for her club meeting next month. She made origami flowers, and I made the vases (with my daughter and son-in-law’s help) from serger thread spools! Here’s a picture:

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  1. Yay, Robyn! So happy for her! I can just see her beaming smile! I remember when both of the kids STARTED school and how that was such a staggering time for me. I used to stand in the kitchen and not know what to do with myself. Then I would just think about how my Mom will probably NEVER have that empty nest feeling! :)