Friday, January 29, 2010

Keeping the Blaze

I think the tradition of making resolutions is a good one. It encourages us to make good changes in our lives. All too often they last a few weeks, a few days, or even a few hours. But once in a while a challenge becomes a way of life. How do we keep the fire burning?

I have two resolutions – to write more, and weigh less. For me, keeping those resolutions is a matter of scheduling. I have to make time in my day for these things. Sometimes it’s hard, and there’s also the ADHD thing. I have a really hard time doing anything for a long period of time. It would be so nice if I could just check into the Biggest Loser Ranch, and bring my laptop so I could write between workouts! But that’s not going to happen.

So, I need more incentive. My writers’ group offered the challenge or writing 40,000 words in 35 days. Three lucky writers who meet that goal will get gift certificates to Barnes and Noble. I love to read. Plus I love a challenge. Originally I thought I would be doing well to make half that number, but to my amazement I’ve been keeping up – I’ve already got more than 24,000 words now! At this rate, I’ll have a new novel finished by summer. So the fire is definitely stoked there. My house is more of a mess than usual, and a lot of other stuff is getting neglected, but I’M WRITING!!

The losing weight resolution is a bit sticky. My meals are definitely healthier. I joined the gym and have been going three days a week. But there’s one monkey wrench in this whole thing: I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!! And I have difficulty throwing away perfectly good food. I did give a bunch of it to my daughter, but a few pieces remain. Still, I’ve lost a few pounds. Not nearly enough to suit my 110-pound mother, or my doctor, but it’s a start. Maybe I need Jillian or Bob breathing down my back.
As I mentioned, a lot of things are sliding around here because I’m busy writing 1143 words or more each day. And working, and studying, and eating and sometimes sleeping. The only sewing I managed to do this week was to shorten three pairs of pants. I guess that counts for something – my husband and my daughter aren’t tripping over their hems!

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