Friday, March 21, 2014

Rone Award and Not-so-crafty March


          Last week I shared the great news that The Calico Heart was nominated for a RONE award (Reward of Novel Excellence) in the Contemporary-General category. So NOW IS THE TIME TO VOTE! Please go to and cast your vote for The Calico Heart. You'll have to register at the website, but it's free. My co-author Stephanie Michels and I thank you!
          The month of March, according to the craft websites and magazines, is craft month. I’m supposed to be crafting a couple of stories. But after a wonderfully productive first week (I was on spring break from GVSU) things have really gone downhill. The first part of my week is always busy – on Mondays I take care of my two youngest grandkids who are at the ages when I can’t just let them play. Little Mr. T is not quite one year old and loves to put things in his mouth. His sister is three, and she’s a good kid, but I can’t leave her in front of the television all day. On Tuesdays I sew with either my quilting group at church or else my hat making group. And then I go to campus and teach. 
          So it’s usually Wednesday before I can get anything done. But I’ve been busy with marketing and other chores – laundry needs to be folded, my mom’s house had to be checked on a regular basis while she was out of town, and my husband occasionally feels neglected. 
          Anyway, I started the month with a goal of 50,000 words. At the end of the first week I was over one-third of the way there. But after almost three weeks, I’m not quite halfway there. I’m going to have to do some serious typing for the last ten days of the month. 
          As for the rest of my goals: 
Crafting/sewing:  I completed one quilt top at church on Tuesday morning, and that’s ALL I got done so far! But this weekend I’m going to a scrapbooking retreat so I’m going to get a LOT of pages put together for my family scrapbooks.

Reading: not much reading. I manage to read a page or two at a time while I’m waiting for things to happen, so there’s not a lot of progress. Hope to have another title done soon!

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