Friday, July 15, 2011

Going to the Symphony

Tonight I’m going to the Picnic Pops. The Grand Rapids Symphony does a series of outdoor concerts every summer at the Cannonsburg Ski Area. My mom and dad volunteered at every concert for many years. After Dad died, I promised mom I would make sure she could continue. I’ve had a great time working in the kitchen with her, serving a meal to all the other volunteers. Other people are busy directing traffic, driving golf carts so that people with walking difficulties can get to their spots, selling and taking tickets, and doing countless other duties.

This is my third summer at the Picnic Pops. During the academic year I’ve also handed out programs at their concerts at St. Cecelia, as well as at DeVos Hall. It’s well worth the time. Where else can you hear a nationally recognized orchestra for only $5?

If you’ve never volunteered at a Grand Rapids Symphony concert, you should give it a try! You get to hear a fabulous concert for a very reduced price, and you meet lots of wonderful people. Annamarie Buller does a wonderful job of coordinating Symphony volunteers all year long. Contact her by going to the symphony website ( and filling out the online form, or by emailing her at

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