Friday, July 8, 2011


The beginning of July is an exciting time for me because it always involves celebrations. It's the birthday of our nation, and it's my birthday. Last week I wrote about it being this blog's birthday as well. While I didn't celebrate Creative Hodgepodge's anniversary, I did observe the other two.

My oldest daughter always throws a huge Fourth of July potluck and fireworks party. It gets larger every year. She and her husband provide hot dogs, hamburgs and drinks, and everyone else brings a dish to pass. And then we have fireworks. What a show! This year the party was held on my birthday. I told my son-in-law it was very nice of him to invite all those people over to celebrate my day!

Two days later, on the actual holiday, I played in a lakeside concert, which was followed by more fireworks. I enjoy playing in a band, but don't do it very often. I'm looking into joining a community band soon. Gotta keep up my skills so my mouth doesn't feel so sore after playing!

As for my birthday, the celebrations were all spread out. The day before, my youngest daughter took me to a show at the Civic Theater. We spent the actual birthday at the picnic at my oldest daughter's. This week my husband took me out for lunch. And my other daughter sent a card saying she was going to take me out for a mom/daughter day. Love it!

Celebrations are fun. They mark milestones, like my fifty-sixth year of life, and the two hundred thirty-fifth birthday of our nation. It's good to recognize these milestones because they are an affirmation of life. The United States is still going strong, and so am I.

Life is good.

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