Friday, June 3, 2011

The End - of Something

This week I FINALLY completed a writing project. I suppose it could have been polished a bit more, but I got it done enough so that I submitted it to a publisher. Now the wait begins. An automated reply says that I should hear something in four to six weeks. It’s a 12K short story that took over six weeks to write. That’s two thousand words a week – it sounds like a lot, but I need to be a little more prolific if I want to get anywhere.

I gave myself a day off from writing (other than my daily 750 Words at and then plunged back in. I worked on my seven-year-old Work in Progress, and started a short article for Chicken Soup. If I keep busy, maybe I won’t keep worrying about whether or not the editors at Astraea Press liked my story enough to include it in their anthology. And if I keep writing, I’ll have something else to submit – soon.

In my other creative projects, I’ve managed to make several quilt tops, and my afghan is getting larger all the time. But now this counted cross stitch project that I started last summer needs to be done! The person I intended it for is moving. It’s crunch time again! When will I stop procrastinating?

Probably never. If I always got things done when they should be done, I wouldn’t be me. And I need to be happy with me.

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