Friday, June 10, 2011

The Call

It's been an exciting week for me. I finally got what used to be known as "The Call". Except now, in the electronic age, it's "The E-mail." Last week I wrote that I finally finished a short story and submitted it to Astraea Press. I expected to have to wait at least six weeks to hear whether or not it had been accepted. But six days after sending it, I got a message from the Editor-in-Chief herself, telling me that my story will be published! I've been celebrating since then.

There are a few down sides to this acceptance. The story is part of an anthology dedicated to Japan Relief. All the money from sales of this story (and others in the series) will go to charity, so I won't get a dime for at least six months. After that time, the publisher may offer me a regular contract in which I will receive a royalty.

But even without the monetary return, I figure this is great news because:

1. It's a foot in the door. If they like this story, hopefully the publisher/editor will like more of my stories.

2. It's a start. Perhaps I can get some name recognition as an author.

3. It's a way for me, as well as those who purchase the book, to contribute to charity.


So please keep your eyes open for my new short story, which will be available as an electronic download beginnning next month at Astraea Press - they're at I'm not sure what the cost will be - it looks to me like most of their short stories are running $3.00. I'll have notices on facebook as well as here.

By the way, you may not recognize my pen name. It's Patricia Kiyono. Kiyono is an alternate pronunciation for my maiden name, Seino. So basically, it's my name anyway.

Which brings me to another dilemma: If I'm asked for an autograph, should I sign it in English, or Japanese?

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