Friday, November 13, 2009

Running, Running, Running ...

human_hamster_wheel_1.jpg Human Hamster Wheel image by aangelinsf

I guess I’m happiest when I’m busy. The more I have on my plate, the more I am able to get done. And when my schedule thins out, so does my energy level. I guess it’s the challenge of making things on my “To Do” list actually happen. But every once in a while, my cup overflows to the point where I wonder which end is up.

Tomorrow is going to be one of those days. It’s the second Saturday of the month, so my writers’ group is meeting for lunch and a program. Right now I’m the secretary, so I have to be there. The president is holding an executive board meeting that morning, and it would be irresponsible of me to not show up.

Tomorrow is also a special day at GVSU. The double reed faculty is hosting its annual Double Reed Day, and oboists and bassoonists are coming to campus to learn from experts, listen to each other play, purchase supplies, and make music. I’ve attended this event the last several years, and always enjoyed it.

Also scheduled tomorrow is a special sale at one of my favorite stores. I need a winter coat. My mother and two daughters plan to go. The sale lasts all day, but who knows what will be left by the time I get there? Anyway, I’m expected to make an appearance, and then join them for dinner.

And then my favorite Creative Memories consultant is holding her Holiday Open House this weekend. I need to go, if only to fill out my annual Christmas Wish List for the benefit of my husband and other family members who like the ease of having someone else take care of obtaining, wrapping, and deliver gifts. Fortunately, she’s letting me come late on Friday.

When I worked full time, I used to long for the days when I wouldn’t have to get up every day and dash around like a madwoman, taking care of my kids’ needs in addition to mine, and keeping up on my students’ needs, parent requests, administrative directives, and all the other stuff. Once I retired, I told myself, things would settle down. Now I know better.

I told my husband that once I leave the house this morning, he probably won’t see me again until Sunday morning. He promised to have the dancing girls out of here by then. I guess he’s got plans, too.

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  1. Mom, you are so silly, I love you!

    You're also the reason that I also bite off a lot to chew (not necessarily too much, just very large bites!) We're a special breed, but the world needs us. Remember that.

    Keep going strong, Mom. I know that God will give you the strength to do everything you need and want to do. You may be tired afterward, but know that you did well. :)

    Mandy and I might head to Younkers early, so we can try to pick out a few things and put them on hold for you.

    Good luck with everything. See you tomorrow!