Friday, July 24, 2015

Thank you!

I was scrambling for this week’s Marketing on a Shoestring post when it occurred to me that I need to promote two things! So I’m giving away some things to celebrate

1.     Having almost 800 Likes on my Facebook page, and
2.     The Samurai’s Garden is on sale this week! That’s right, instead of paying $2.99 for a digital copy, it’s only 99 cents right now. 

To celebrate both, I’m having a giveaway. This is a Japanese washcloth. It’s about 13 inches wide and almost 36 inches long. Japanese washcloths (tenugui) are long because then you can grab one end with each hand and rub it across your back! They also roll them up lengthwise and tie them around their heads like a sweat band. These tenugui are popular gifts (kinda like t-shirts) given out by restaurants, hotels and other businesses. I’m not sure where I got this one, but I got it during my last trip to Japan and I’m giving it away now (thus the marketing on a shoestring – I’m “re-gifting”)!

To win, enter through the rafflecopter below. There are lots of ways to enter! 

1.     Tweet about the giveaway. Here's a suggested tweet:
Best-selling historical romance only ‪#‎99cents‬! Get The Samurai's Garden by @PatriciaKiyono ‪#‎Japan‬
2.     Go to my Facebook page and leave a post letting me know you’re entering the giveaway.
3.     Find a piece of fabric the size of this tenugui and take a picture - or have someone take it -  of you wearing it! (Check out this awesome website to find different ways to put it on). Post the picture on your own Facebook page. Be sure to tag me so I’ll see it!
4.     Leave a comment here about something you’ve re-gifted!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Good luck!

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