Monday, December 2, 2013

Jillian Jenkins: Music to write to

       As a musician, I'm always interested in how music inspires creativity as well as other skills. Author JF Jenkins took the time to share how she used a playlist to help her plot her latest release, Displaced.

Buy link: POST: I'm not a writer who writes to music. I plot to music, though. Here is a list of songs you can find in the unofficial "Displaced" soundtrack.

"The silence isn't so bad 'til I look at my hands and feel sad, because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly."

"And I will stumble and fall. I'm still learning to love, just starting to crawl."

"Hold still right before we crash 'cause we both know how this ends."

"'Cause I don't want to know what I'm walking away from if you'll be mine."

"Behind your Broadway show, I heard a voice say 'please don't hurt me'."

One lucky commentor will win three songs from the list! Tell me which one is your favorite, or if you've read the book, which song is missing that should be on the list.

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  1. Those are very "soulful" lyrics. I loved the songs, thanks for sharing!