Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Leaving a Legacy

Today I went to my quilting group at church. I made a quilt top out of some beautifully appliquéd and hand embroidered snowmen that I'd gotten from a fellow author, Cheryl Sterling. Cheryl and her husband recently sold everything and moved from the eternal winter in Michigan to sunny Hawaii. Before they left, Cheryl gave me several tubs and boxes full of fabric and quilt supplies. A lot of the fabric had already been cut into squares, and some had been sewn into nine-patches and other designs.

I shared some of these squares with the other quilters, and we combined Cheryl's squares with other fabric to create several quilts that will go to the hospital, the veterans' home, and a women's shelter. All the pictures on this page are quilts made with fabric from Cheryl's former stash.
This got me thinking. By giving us this fabric, she's left a legacy in this town she left. Several people will benefit from the warmth generated by these quilts, and the designs she created will give them pleasure. And since she's an author, she's left a legacy with her books. People can enjoy them while staying warm wrapped in her blankets.
Of course, where Cheryl is, she doesn't need any blankets.
Well done, Ms Sterling.


  1. Awesome quilts Cheryl! You're fabric is gorgeous and you are greatly missed at GRRWG! :) Are you ever coming back for a visit?

  2. LOvely quilts and a lovely legacy!

  3. Beautiful quilts! What a great way to send her some love! I would love to be able to move somewhere wonderfully warm like that!

  4. Patty,
    You and your quilt group did a wonderful job with Cheryl's fabrics and blocks. What a nice tribute to her contribution...and thanks for reminding us how this is part of her legacy much as her books are.

    Beautiful work on the quilts and on the books.

  5. Thank you, Patty, for posting this! It means so much to me that my blocks and scraps did'nt go to waste, and even more that they were donated to local charities. It gives me warm fuzzy feelings.
    You know, of course, that I've been rebuilding my supplies in anticipation of a new granddaughter this summer. I guess, once a crafter, always a crafter!
    A special thanks to all the quilters who made these gifts possible.

    1. Haha! I wondered how long it would take for you to start sewing again! Have fun with the new grandchild. And have fun making things for her, too! I'll be sure to share your appreciation with the quilt group. Thanks again for all the fabric!

  6. What lovely quilts! A great legacy for Cheryl to leave behind for others to enjoy. How thoughtful of her.

  7. Beautiful work, and I'm sure they are much appreciated by those receiving the quilts. What a nice idea to donate them.

  8. Lovely quilts and awesome idea gifting to those in need! Cheryl will always be thought of 'warmly'.

  9. Well done, Ms. Sterling, indeed!

  10. Beautiful quilts. How nice of you, Cheryl, to leave that material, and how great, Patty, that you took what she left and not only used it, but created beauty and warmth for others.