Friday, April 6, 2012

Sweet Saturday

Welcome back! Last week we got a glimpse of Sophie's world in Sunlight and Shadows, and saw Sophie faint away at the mention of an escaped convict. Let's see what happens now:

She opened her eyes to see five faces staring down at her, their faces lined with anxiety.
“Sophie, what happened? Have you been feeling sick? Maybe we shouldn’t have come tonight.”
“She looked a little flush when I came in. I thought it was that handsome band director, but maybe she’s sick.”
“Here, I got you some water. Have something to drink.” A paper cup was thrust into her hand.
Sophie drank and did her best to smile. “I’m fine, really. I guess I forgot to eat something tonight. I’ll just run over to the pizzeria later and get some cheesy breadsticks. That’ll keep me going for a while.”
“You stay where you are. I’ll get the breadsticks.” Sylvia grabbed her purse and dashed outside. The rest of the women helped her sit up and led her to a comfortable chair in the corner of the shop designated as the “Husband Area.” They continued to fuss over her while she insisted she was fine.
“Really, I’m okay. I just forgot to eat and it got to me. I’ll be fine as soon as I eat.”
“What have you got to eat? I can run upstairs and get it for you.” They knew Sophie lived in the apartment above the shop.
“Umm…” She wrinkled her brow as she tried to think. Did she have anything? Crackers? The bread was moldy. Was there anything in her refrigerator?
“That’s what I thought,” Lila declared. “Let’s put it this way. When was the last time you ate?”
Sophie opened her mouth, but no words came out. She couldn’t remember. Was it yesterday when she’d opened that last can of soup?
The ladies hovered until Sylvia returned with not only the breadsticks but a small pan of lasagna. “When I told Mario why I needed the breadsticks he wouldn’t take my money and he insisted on sending this lasagna over for you. I think he’s sweet on you.” She smiled as she handed over the package.
“You just sit here and eat. Don’t worry about us. We’ll just finish up our projects and clean up when we leave.”
Sophie ate, thankful the ladies didn’t question her further. As soon as they left, she’d get on the computer and do some checking on that prison escapee. All she needed was the name. If she was lucky, it wouldn’t be the one person who had turned her life upside down.
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  1. That sounded interesting, an ex-convict escapee. Oh, the conflict.

  2. Could she be pregnant??? Very interesting!

  3. This is a great hook. It makes me wonder about the man she fears and why she fears him.

  4. Love this story. Am a little scared about the prison guy but looking forward to reading more!

  5. Love how the women all pulled together.

  6. Lots of room here for conflict and intrigue. Of course, it IS that one person, isn't it?

  7. I love how they all helped Sophie, and the mystery about the ex-convict.