Friday, November 11, 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome! Today I'm sharing a sample from The Legacy, a novella available at Astraea Press.

       She stepped into the motel office to find Jenna sprawled in her office chair, snoring. A tiny black and white television was tuned to the local nightly news.
       "Jenna, wake up."
       The snoring stopped, and Jenna's eyes blinked. A mop of shaggy, strawberry blonde hair shook as she woke up and tried to focus on her.
       "Leigh, it's you! Did you get bored and come to keep me company?"
       Leigh instantly felt guilty. She and Jenna had been good friends in high school, but after graduation they had gone in different directions. Jenna had married, and had two children in two years. Now divorced and living with her mother, she worked the third shift at the motel to make ends meet. The arrangement allowed her to be at home with her children during the day, when her mother worked.
       "I guess I can stay and talk a while, Jenna," she told her friend. "But I'm going to need a room for the night."
       Jenna frowned. "Again? Leigh, you've got to get out of there. One of these days your step-dad is going to force himself on you. You won't be able to get away. And it won't be pretty."
       Jenna was the only person who knew about her father's problem with alcohol and had first-hand knowledge of the way Frank took his troubles out on Leigh.
       "I'm working on it, Jenna. It's just that mom—"
       "—will be able to take care of herself," her friend insisted. "She's always gone, anyway. There are a couple of apartments open where mom and the kids and I live. They're affordable, too. It'll be fun, Leigh. Why don't you check it out? Tomorrow."

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  1. Not a nice place to be in. But I do want to know more.

  2. This is a great story! You have to check it out.

  3. Get setup and believable dialogue between friends. I'll read more.

  4. Makes me want to read more. Nice job!

  5. Thanks, Sherry, Joselyn, Sandy, and Tess! And Tess, I'm glad Blogger let you post a comment this time!

  6. What a good friend Jenna is! Thanks for the sample, Patricia!

  7. Jenna's a good friend - encouraging Leigh to get away from a dangerous situation then informing her of where she might go to live instead. I hope she takes her friend's advice. Great sample :)

  8. Intriguing. Leigh has a good friend in Jenna. Thanks for sharing this sample.

  9. It sounds like it is an interesting book. :)