Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample

Welcome! If you've been here before, you might have read previous selections from my recently accepted novella Aegean Intrigue. The story will be available sometime from Astraea Press. Here's another sample:

"The Project Director is coming today to give us more specific information. He is in contact with the major investors—oh, here he is, Mr. Alexandros Leonidis."

Francie turned her expectant gaze toward the door and felt her blood freeze. There had to be a mistake. The mystery man from the restaurant, the man who had rescued her from Kostos’ advances, was the Project Director? Maybe she should rethink joining this dig. There was really no question she would go, of course. It would be good for her resume. She needed the work, and she needed to get away from Kostos.

But would she be trading one problem for another?

Against her better judgement, her gaze traveled down the length of the man. A battered brown satchel hung from his left shoulder, conflicting with the polished, yet casual appearance of his clothing. Perhaps the satchel had sentimental value. Or perhaps he was a practical man, not requiring new things simply because what he had was worn.

Her father had had a similar leather satchel for his digging tools. He had used it long after it showed signs of wear, repairing the rips and tears. One Christmas, she had given him a new one, hoping to please him. He had thanked her, but continued to use his old one. During her last visit to his home, she found her gift stuffed in the bottom drawer of a cabinet, unused.

She forced her mind back to the present. The stranger from the previous night was definitely not Georges Vasileiou. Unlike her father, this man moved with purpose. His eyes were clear and focused. And right now they were focused on her.

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  1. Vivid description! Love reading your samples. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Why do I think Francie and the Project Director will be spending a lot more time together? Also loved the taste of backstory about her dad. Love this book. Every sample I read draws me more and more into the story. Well done!

  3. Bet there is more than just discovering items at the dig site.

  4. Great scene! I love the last sentences -- they tell us a lot about the Project Director and his vitality.

  5. Powerful emotions woven between back, [present anf foreshadowing stories here. great sample.

  6. Whoa, great sample. :) I can't wait for this one to be released!

  7. LOL! I love it when the heroine and hero keep bumping into each other, much to their dismay. Great sample, Patricia! :-)