Friday, September 16, 2011

Quiet, Please!

There are exactly two people left in our house. That means the noise level around here is a lot lower than it was five or ten years ago. So I've been able to get a lot of the "want to do" things on my list done in the last few years. This is really nice. I can enjoy the kids and grandkids when they're here, but I can wallow in my pretend worlds when they're not.

Except the darned television and radio. The other person in my house likes to have noise around him. He's very cooperative about not talking to me when I'm trying to write, but he's got to have other voices around. So as long as he's awake, there is some sort of electronic device going, blasting music or talking (usually very opinionated politicos or sports commentators) going on. I can usually turn off most of the talking, and the music is nice, but the sitcoms get a little annoying, especially if I've already seen them several times.

I've tried going to one of the bedrooms or the living room to work. But then he feels guilty and offers to turn off the television. And then I feel guilty and tell him I just need to do some cleaning in the other rooms (this is actually true, but it doesn't happen very often). One of my daughters suggested I turn one of the extra bedrooms into a study. Not a bad idea. Maybe after I sell my blockbuster novel I'll actually do it.

I've tried putting on headphones and listening to music. Classical music works best for me. Unfortunately, the other person in my house doesn't hear too well, so his electronic devices are turned to volumes that overpower the music on my playlist. I need those special headphones that deaden the outside noise. Again, this is on my someday list.

If you're thinking I'm ungrateful he's here, I'm not. He really is a nice guy. And he's a great cook. I don't want him to go away, and I don't want to leave. I think I'm just more comfortable with silence than he is.

Right now, I've resigned myself to getting more work done when he's not awake. He goes to bed early. So I ask him to turn the tv off. And then I can play my solitaire games in silence. Oh, and write.

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