Friday, April 1, 2011

Another Start

Another month begins. Another attempt at organizing my life. Another long list of things I need to do.

Will this be the month I succeed? I suppose I will be able to cross a few things off my list. The college semester ends this month, so in order to turn in my grades on time I will definitely get all these papers graded. And I suppose a few other things will be completed.

But it would be so nice to be able to snap my fingers and get instant results. A clean room, a completed manuscript, a slimmer, fitter body. I sure could use a genie or a Mary Poppins.

Unfortunately, that's not in the cards. So I need to get myself going. It's April 1, but I'm no fool. The only way this stuff will get done is to do it myself. So I will write those words, walk those miles, file those papers. A little at a time. Some of it will get done, and some of it won't.

At least I'll have more done than I do now.

And now my blogging is done, for another week.

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