Friday, September 24, 2010

All Grown Up

I had lunch with my eldest granddaughter last weekend. We went out to celebrate her nineteenth birthday. Lauren is a recent high school graduate, and is going to school to learn to be a medical assistant. She has her own car, so she was able to get herself to my house rather than me picking her up. She's growing up.

Lauren has a boyfriend - rather, she has a fiance. She and Cody have been an item for almost a year. He is in the National Guard, and he's been in basic training for a few months. And when Lauren went to visit him last weekend, she came home with a ring. They plan to get married - soon.

Since I'm only the step-grandma, I don't feel I have the right to voice my opinions to her. My husband and I feel they are both way too young for this step. My husband speaks from experience. She needs to have more life experiences.

My husband expressed his concerns one afternoon when our daughter was here. She asked if he had shared his concerns with the future bride. “No,” he responded, “It’s not our place.”

I guess I've got to agree. The young man is in the military. He graduated from a Christian school, so he's been taught good values. He seems to be a good kid. But still, he's very young. They both are. But it is not up to us. All we can do is be there for her. We need to support her decision, and celebrate with her. Maybe it will work out. We have to respect her decision, and support them as a couple. We need to have listening ears and an open heart.

That’s what families are for.

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