Friday, March 12, 2010

Shopping Blues

I hate to shop. I’m not sure if my “shopping genes” are defective or missing, but I shop only when I need something specific. And now that I can shop online for most things I shop even less than I used to. But seven times a year, shopping is a great learning experience for me. Rather than shop for the grandkids’ birthday gifts, I take the birthday child out for lunch or dinner and then we shop together for their gift. It’s worked out well for the past dozen or so years. I love the tradition because I know they’re getting something they want, and they seem to enjoy the individual attention.

Yesterday I went shopping with Gabe. He’s the third eldest grandchild, and he is now fourteen years old. We’re facebook friends, so I sent him a message telling him the days I would be free this week and asking him which day he preferred to go. He sent me a text message letting me know which day and time he preferred. (Isn’t technology wonderful?)

When I picked Gabe up at his house, I was really tired. I had worked a late shift the night before and an early morning shift that day. I wasn’t looking forward to fighting the crowds at the mall, but at least it was a weekday, and mid-March is not a super busy holiday season. Gabe and his sisters greeted me with a sunny smile and my fatigue lifted.

I’m lucky that most of my grandkids are quick shoppers. Gabe knew exactly what he wanted and had a good idea where to find it. The first store had sold out of the X-box accessory he wanted, but the second store had it – on sale! Way to go, Gabe. Then he chose the restaurant, and we had a great dinner there. It was great because he enjoyed his burger, and I was able to order something that fit my diet requirements. Score two for Gabe!

I especially enjoy the conversations with my grandkids. The teenage years are difficult, and so many find themselves making poor choices with disastrous consequences. I have to be careful about what I ask and say – after all, I’m only the step-grandma and I don’t want to step on any toes – but I listen as they tell me about their school lives, their friends and activities, their hopes and their disappointments. I was happy to learn all is well with Gabe. He’s a great kid with a good head on his shoulders.

In two more weeks, Scottie (grandchild #4) turns 13. I get to go shopping again. Can’t wait!

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Writing: I’m doing a lot of editing this week, but I managed to crank out another chapter for my first historical novel. And I remembered to write this blog post!

Dieting: Other than a mini-meltdown last night, Week Three of The Diet has gone well. Unfortunately, The Scale is not impressed.

Creativity: I made another pair of pajama pants and a quilt top, and crocheted a couple of washcloths this week. At our sewing group, the five of us made 200 hats in six hours!

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  1. I also have a defective shopping gene - I hate it!

    Love the new blog look. :)