Friday, October 21, 2011

Something to Talk About

"Let's give 'em something to talk about" was the song I heard from the stage last night. The Bonnie Raitt tune is what my daughter chose to sing for her second round of Lakeshore's Got Talent. I like the song and thought it went well with her voice.

But the words were also special. It got me thinking. Although the meaning of the title refers to something different entirely, I thought about how they could apply to me. This weekend I'm attending the "I've Always Wanted to Write a Book" conference in Grand Rapids. We've got a great lineup of speakers and panelists. They're going to talk about everything from how to handle our stress to how to sell our books. We'll get to commiserate with other authors about the frustrations of getting published, and "get away from it all" at the beautiful Radisson Hotel on the banks of the Grand River. I can't wait!

So for me, "Giving them something to talk about" means writing a killer story and putting it in people's hands so that they can enjoy it. It means managing my life so that I have the time and the skills to write. It means getting crafting the story in a way that it will catch a publisher's eye and sell it.

It means I want to be famous. And I want to do it now.

P.S. My daughter made it to the final round! Go, Robyn!

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  1. You're already givin' 'em something to talk about! Go, Mom! Let's claw our way to the top together! :)