Friday, October 7, 2011

Is Anybody Out There?

I've been a published author for about three months now. I've received one statement of sales, and they were not bad for the first three days. But then the following month there were absolutely none. It's definitely not a blockbuster hit. I've seen other authors crow about the wonderful reviews they've gotten from other bloggers. I've googled my title and pen name and gotten exactly zero hits. So I finally coerced my son-in-law to write a review, which he very graciously did. I got a rating from him as well as two friends who read the book. So now I actually have a rating.

I set up a facebook author page and now have sixty-six "likes". That makes me feel good - I know other authors who have been writing longer and have fewer likes. I don't get many reactions to things I post there, but at least some people are seeing my progress. It keeps me motivated.

I volunteered to be interviewed at a fellow author's blog. That went pretty well. I advertised it on my facebook page as well as my own wall. I sent out email notices to both my writing groups as well as a few family members who stubbornly refuse to get caught up on facebook. Result? I got a four "likes" on that, but no comments. The interview itself got five comments. Samantha, the hosting blogger, told me there were sixty-some hits. So there were a lot of people looking at the interview, but not many who offered reactions. And I got several email responses from one of the writing groups congratulating me.

I moaned about this to my kids last night (neither daughter had seen the facebook announcement about the interview!) and they both assured me that lots of people read things without commenting on them. I had to think about that. I'm often asked to rate an online purchase and don't. I read other people's books and don't often rate them or write reviews. Sometimes I assume my thoughts aren't going to matter to the author, especially if it's someone who is famous. I mean, what difference is my opinion going to make, especially if there are already five hundred comments? But I guess I'll have to re-think this. Especially if I notice there aren't many other people who have weighed in.

So, my friends, if you have read The Legacy, or any other book written by a beginning author, please take some time to give feedback. Go to Goodreads, or Amazon, or Barnes and Noble and leave a rating and/or a review. Let the author know what you think! Your comments WILL be appreciated. And I will make more of an effort to comment on things my friends post.


  1. Great post - not because you haven't garnished the response you seemed to hope for after becoming published, but because you wrote this. I've seen plenty of new authors boast about their sales, reviews, likes, and new followers.

    But I've never seen one write a post about the opposite.

    It gives me hope because I'm not yet published but I still wonder if anyone out there will like what I've written when I finally put it out there. Will they like me? Will they tell me they do?

    Your post is encouraging, in ways I can't begin to describe. I hope you receive the ratings, reviews, interviews, likes, and followers you deserve - the kinds that prove your followers admire your work, support your work and stand behind you 100%.

  2. I really appreciate your honesty. I felt very similarly when I started my blog, posted it on my Facebook a few times, and didn't get much response. We beginners really have to support each other!