Thursday, May 8, 2014

Where Does All My Time Go?

I haven’t been posting my craft and sewing projects lately. That’s partly because I’ve been working hard on a sequel to Christmas Wishes, (I think I’m about 75 percent done with that) and promoting both Friendship Star Quilt and Searching for Lady Luck through Facebook events and guest blogging. It seems I spend all my time online!

Still, I have been able to get a few things done. I’ve made a couple of quilts at my church, and made a bunch of promotional items. Unfortunately, I didn’t get them finished in time to send to the Romantic Times convention in New Orleans. I could have sent them along with some of the other authors who are going. Rats! But now I’ve got a bunch of stuff to send to people for other things. Not sure what. Or maybe I’ll be extra ready for next year!
Here are some little notebooks I made, using directions from the fabulous Joselyn Vaughn:

And here are some sticky note pad folders I made, inspired by a project from my scrapbooking friend Sharilyn:
So I haven't totally abandoned my crafty side! I'm hoping to finish this book in the next week or so, and then hit the crafts hard. I'm going to donate a bunch of things to Gabriel's Shoppe, a charity run by a friend of mine. I'll share more about that soon. In the meantime, here's the Facebook link where you can see what it's all about:

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