Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Understanding Men

While writing, I often have to ask my husband how he would react in certain situations. But there are times when he can't (or won't) explain things to me. Sascha Illyvich is here to tell us a little bit about the Male Mind. He's the author of books in several different genres, including his soon-to-be-released Kisses Fall.

Deep POV in the Male Mind

Going deep into a hero's POV includes not just during the plot and main part of the story but during sex too.  Especially if we're writing romance, the deep point of view of the hero is important.  Showing how he feels while doing the deed and linking it to both the thoughts he's having (remember from my course) and the emotions he's hiding because of said thoughts is important in any romance novel, but especially in erotic romance. 

By going deeper into his point of view, we the reader can connect better with him, making him more memorable.  During sex scenes, make sure you emphasize sensations.  Men are sensual creatures, truly.  Most of us are just too dumb to realize it.  Case in point, Lori Foster's Drew from Back in Black was a total ass and alpha male who objectified women left and right, until he met his match in Gillian Noode, his PR expert.  We get the sense from Foster drawing out his behavior that Drew is an ass, until he beds Gillian.  He's still an ass while bedding her but we get the sense that not only does sex feel good but it feels good BECAUSE of her.  Her smell, her hands, her responses, her feel around him in all aspects of the word, he notices. 

Remember that while you're in his deep POV, the world looks as it does through his eyes.  If he's having sex on a desk but would fuck on it, then say it.  If he's a sweeter hero, it's okay to use the softer language to describe the world. I will say the caveat here has to do with genitals.  I don't know a single man outside medical fetishists or professionals who call it a Penis.

That's just a personal note however ;)

The reason for looking at the world through his eyes is obvious to the writer but to the reader, when you can draw the reader in deeper because the males are thinking in a very logical manner.  Note this doesn't apply to all of the archetypes both in reality or fiction but that's another  blog post for another date!

For more on how to write the male POV, join us at Savvy Authors June 16-22nd for Male POV – How to Create Better Heroes.  And be sure to stop by here to learn about Jaded Males – My Speciality!

Sascha Illyvich

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