Sunday, March 24, 2013

Blogging Blues

I was about to bemoan the fact that I haven't written here, and that I'm really slacking as a blogger. But then it occurred to me that I HAVE been blogging—just not here! So I thought I'd post some links to the places I've been, in case you'd care to join me:
Last Friday, I was a guest at The Book Boost. I talked about my favorite Irishman—who happened to be Japanese. Come and read about one of the finest men who ever lived. His friends called him Bob. I called him Dad. Here's the LINK.
My writing partner Stephanie Michels and I were featured on the blogs of Margery Scott, Meg Mims,  SG Rogers, and Joselyn Vaughn, talking about writing as a team, and talking about our book The Calico Heart.
I've been featured on Susanna Ellis' blog, talking about my Japanese heritage.
So I guess I've been writing. I'm still visiting other blogs, but it's time I settled down here. I've got a couple of writing projects going - another story for the Stitching Post series, and the sequel to The Samurai's Garden. I need to get in gear with those projects so that I can submit something soon. Hopefully I'll have some excerpts to share at the Sweet Saturday Samples hops.
Now, if I can just get my muses to wake up, I'll be all set.

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  1. Do they sell alarm clocks for muses? If so, I want to order one.

    Write on, girl!