Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sweet Saturday

Welcome back! Here's a continuation of last week's sample, from my work-in-progress:

“My daddy is really busy at school. Sometimes he forgets what time it is and I have to ask somebody to call him.”
“Does your mommy work, too?”
The girl’s face clouded. “No. My mommy is in heaven. Daddy takes care of me by himself now, but I have to help him.”
Sophie’s heart ached for the little girl. She, too, know how it felt to grow up without a mother. She kept an eye on the girl while helping her customers. But unlike most other children who came in the shop with their mothers, this child stayed in place at the front window and kept her hands to herself, though she gazed with interest at the displays and the various fabrics.
In less than five minutes a late model sedan screeched to a stop in front of the shop and a lean dark-haired man jumped out. His hair practically stood on end and his eyes were wide with anxiety. He threw open the door, spied Jennie, and flew to her, wrapping her in a tight embrace.
“Jennie, I am so, so sorry! I knew the party was over at 5:00, really I did. I should have set the alarm on my phone. I’m sorry you had to wait for me again.”
“Daddy, that’s okay. This lady said it was okay for me to wait for you here because the ice cream man turned the lights off next door.”
“He what? Why would he do that to you? Especially when it’s raining! I ought to go over and…”
“I think the man’s gone now. But it’s okay. I’m safe.”
The man took a deep breath. Sophie noticed his face looked calmer, but anger still burned in his eyes. “Right. I’m glad you’re okay, Princess.” He looked up at Sophie. “Thank you for letting her come in and for calling me.” He held out his hand. “I’m Brad.”
She took the offered hand and smiled. “I’m Sophie, and you’re entirely welcome. She was no trouble at all.”
Brad took his daughter’s hand. “We’ll get out of your hair now. Thanks again for taking care of my little princess.” The pair waved and left the store.
Sophie watched them go, tamping down her desire to sigh. Brad Carmichael wasn’t strikingly handsome, but he had pleasant features and a kind face. And he cared about his little girl. Really cared. That made him even more attractive, in Sophie’s eyes. What she wouldn’t have given for someone who cared…
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  1. I enjoyed this sample of your WIP. Tugs at my heart and makes me wants to know if these three will connect again, and hope they do.

  2. This one really got to me. I could feel the love and concern in the father's heart!

  3. Oh, I have a feeling she's gong to get what she wants! Great sample, Patricia! Really like this WIP!

  4. Great sample, Patricia! I could sense Brad's anxiety and concern for his daughter, as well as Sophie's curiosity. I wonder what will happen next. Surely they'll meet up again :-)

  5. This is going to be another great book Patty. I can't wait until it's finished

  6. Brad's concern for his daughter comes right off the screen. I love his sincerity as he apologizes to her, love her understanding. And I feel for Sophie. I hope these three get together again soon!

  7. Aww - nice excerpt! I have a feeling this little girl will be the magical spark between these two. ;-D