Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Novel Works

This week's post is up earlier in the week than usual, but I wanted to share the news that Novel Works is featuring Astraea Press books and authors this week on its facebook page. You can find the page by clicking HERE. Come and visit! You can have a chance to "visit" with other Astraea Press authors. We've been talking about books as well as movies and other forms of story-telling.

Many thanks to Jerry Hines for hosting us this week! It's been such a thrilling ride participating in these promotional activities. Things like guest blogging and designing things like postcards and bookmarks have kept me very busy in the last month. On Thursday I'll be at Joanne Troppello's blog, "The Mustard Seed". And next Monday I'll be the guest at the Astraea Press blog. I'll have notices here and on facebook.

Since I'm posting earlier, I don't have a project to share. It's been a very busy week between working and writing. Hopefully I'll have two things to show you next week!

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