Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Please Welcome Author Samantha Combs

   Today I am honored to introduce you to Samantha Combs. Samantha is a prolific author, writing Young Adult Paranormal stories not only at Astraea Press, but also at Musa Publishing. She is a true cheerleader for her fellow authors. She was the first blogger to interview me after the publication of my first novella, The Legacy, and so I am glad to have the chance to return the favor as she prepares for the launch of her latest release, Waterdancer. Since Samantha herself is quite busy with all the promo surrounding the release, she sent her main character, Bailey Wasserman, to answer my questions.

PK: Thank you for coming to chat with us today, Bailey. Why do you think Samantha choose you to represent her?
BW: We are a lot alike.  Most of how I am in Waterdancer is drawn directly from her own teen years.  She had the standoffish stepfather, the new home, the new school, and the absentee father.  While he wasn’t a sea creature, everything else is the same.

PK: Tell us a little about yourself.
BW: I just moved with my mother and her new husband and my awesome little brother Landry to a brand new city.  I have to go to a new school, too.  I’m pretty laidback, but this is turning out to be a seriously stressful summer.  Even a zen chick like me has her limits.

PK: What is your birth date?
BW: Let’s just say my sixteenth birthday this summer will bring more surprises than presents.

PK: Where do you live? What is it about that area that drew you there?
BW: We live in Del Mar, California  Pretty ritzy place. This is where my stepfather, Warren, brought us to live. Before my Mom married him, we had a great little house in a totally not expensive area.  We were happy.  I’m still working out if I like being here.  Secretly though, I have fallen in love with the beach.  Never had that before!

PK: What do you wish people would know about you?
SC: If they knew about the mermaid tail, they would think I was a freak, or creepy.  So I DON’T want them to know about that.  Except for Jack.  He kind of found out by accident.  And he still likes me!  Unheard of.

PK: What is your perfect evening?
BW: Since I learned how to surf, the perfect evening is riding the waves with Jack until the sun goes down, and watching that sunset with him on the sand.

What do you do to relax?
BW: Surf.  And I’m a teenager.  We don’t relax, much.

PK: Tell us about Jack. What drew you to him?
BW: He is seriously cute and for some unknown reason, he likes me.  Besides, I wasn’t drawn to him…he kind of stalked me at Registration.  Thank you, Jesus, because he was the cutest boy in that whole room.

PK: What about the girl on the cover? Is that a fair representation of you?
BW: Yes.  She is a bit wistful, and you can sense her awakened desire for the ocean.

PK: What’s you biggest turn ons?
BW: Surfing with Jack, spending time with Landry, people telling me the truth.

PK: What are your biggest Turn offs?
BW: Deception.

PK: What’s your perfect day? Why?
BW: Digging in the dirt until I find something left from an ancient civilization. Sharing it with the people around me. Being able to learn something about the world that the user of that artifact lived in.

PK: Do you believe in ghosts?
BW: Well, I didn’t believe in sea creatures before this summer, so I guess I need to change my mind about ghosts, too.

PK: What is your biggest fear?
BW: That something will happen to Landry because of me.

PK: Why should the readers be interested in your story?
BW: Because I’m just a normal teenager trying to make my way in a life that has just been turned upside-down.  Because my story could be any girl’s story, maybe just not with sea creatures as parents.  And because I am honest, and real, and sincere.

Thanks for coming today, Bailey!
Readers can find Waterdancer at your favorite online source beginning THIS FRIDAY, September 7. You can find Samantha on Facebook, her blog, or on Twitter:


  1. Wonderful interview and I can't wait to read the book

  2. Enjoyed meeting you, Bailey. Be sure to give Samantha a hug for me if you see her soon.