Thursday, April 12, 2012


This weekend I'm supposed to be the presenter at my local writers group' monthly meeting. Since several of us began new writing projects in February for our Winter NaNo challenge, I'm going to talk about editing - specifically, the EDITS system devised by renowned author and teacher Margie Lawson. I am no expert, but after taking one of her on-line classes I'm definitely a fan. So I'm just doing an overview.

I shouldn't be worried about doing this. I should be used to being in front of people. For over thirty-five years I've been in front of people as a teacher. But it's different with your peers, especially those who know as much about what I'm talking about as I do. But I'm lucky. Several of the more prolific and successful authors are going to be gone this month. They're heading to Chicago to attend the Romantic Times conference. So the "powerhouses" of the group, so to speak, will not be there. I suppose that should give me a little more confidence.

What would give me even more confidence is having a solid presentation and all my materials (powerpoint presentation and handouts) finished. So I'm going to close this up and get that done! Wish me luck!

I did squeeze in one little project. My daughter likes to accessorize her little girl's outfits with headbands and cute bows. So I borrowed an idea from Amie, a former colleague who has two beautiful daughters and made a little rack to clip them and keep them all together. Just an old frame with bits of colorful ribbon—so easy!


  1. Good luck with your presentation. You will do fine.

    1. Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Diane!

  2. This snippet hit home with me. As a former teacher myself, I was never afraid to speak in front of any group, but I had many co-workers who were terrified to speak to parents and other adults.

  3. It was great, Patty! I am excited to try it out. I may even dig out my notes. :-)