Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just Get it Done!

I've mentioned the piles of unfinished projects that lurk in every corner of my house. Two of them are quilts I should have finished years ago for my daughters. I kept t-shirts from their childhood (t-ball, choir, band, sports, etc) and planned to make a quilt from the fronts of the shirts. I've had all the materials for the quilts and started the process, but never got them done. My older daughter graduated from high school in 2002 and her sister graduated in 2005. But the quilts kept getting set aside for other projects.
A couple of weeks ago the younger daughter decided she'd had enough. In very strong language she announced she wanted her quilt done and said she would find a way to finish it if I didn't have it done by February. I knew it wouldn't take long so I said okay. But then last weekend she decided the time was NOW and I needed to drop everything and finish it. Of course that was when another family crisis popped up. My mom needed some legal forms filled out this week and I had to chase them down and help her fill them out.
My point is that with two family members breathing down my neck I had to plan my time very wisely this week. I still had to show up at both jobs, grade papers, and pay attention to my husband and grandkids. So I had to make adjustments. I skimmed through emails, deleting most and answering only the most pressing. I've spent a lot less time on facebook, although I discovered I'm supposed to create something called a blog button (anybody know anything about these?) for a promotional opportunity. But that can be relegated to the "to be done" pile, like the quilts were.
Anyway, the quilt is out and on its way to being finished. As you can see from the picture, the squares are cut and arranged. I hope to have it done this weekend. I am very tired and will probably fall asleep at my granddaughter's first birthday party this weekend, but I won't have the quilt hanging over my head any more. The shirts would probably still be in the box if she hadn't made an issue of it. It was annoying, but I can't stay annoyed with her for pushing me to finish what should have been done a long time ago.
I think I'm making progress. One project at a time. Now if I can get her to nag me to finish the novel, the papers to be graded, the housework...


  1. Love it! I want to do one of these with my high school and college running shirts. Problems are time and no sewing machine. Hopefully I will be able to remedy the latter soon.

  2. Patty, Good luck with all your projects. Wonder if Robyn will tell you she wants her quilt, too?


  3. This actually is Robyn's quilt. Mandy has other things on her mind right now, but when she sees her sister's, she'll probably comment.

  4. Great job, Patricia. Sounds like you're a lot like me who responds to the task with the most pressure--or, s/he who hollers loudest gets heard.