Friday, April 22, 2011

Starting Again

I didn't do so well with my mini goals this week. I managed to write 750 words each day, but I walked only about three days, and cleaned maybe two days. Maybe not even that. I did manage to either sew or crochet every day, and my afghan is getting larger and larger. That's about it. So I'm going to start another week, and try again. Sometimes life gets in the way and I have to just deal with it and start over.

That seems to happen in other areas of my life, too. My afghan is actually the third one I've started with this yarn. My first two tries didn't turn out so well. It was supposed to be a square but it was more like a flower. It was really ripply on the sides. I was trying out a pattern I had seen someone else do. But I guess I did it wrong, because it wouldn't lie flat. So I started over with a tried and true granny square pattern, and now it looks nice.

I have a story I'm working on. I want to submit something to a publisher who is looking for short stories. I have one short story almost done. But it's not the right type of story. I could maybe try and tweak it into what they want. But then I would have to change all sorts of other things. If I change the location, then I have to change the occupations of the main characters, or at least one of them. And if I do that, then I have to change the whole premise of the story. Best to start from scratch.

Sometimes it works to make adjustments. But other times it's a lost cause. How do you know when it's time for that? I guess it's just one of those things that comes from experience.

Or maybe not having the energy to change too many things. But that’s another story.

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