Friday, March 11, 2011


I just finished writing a paragraph. It’s not a particularly well-written paragraph, but it’s got all the essentials – a subject, a verb, and all the punctuation I’m always hounding my students about.

What makes this particular paragraph special is that it brought my total word count in my new story to 32,000 words. I started the story on Saturday, February 12, so for the past 28 days I have written at least 1143 words EACH DAY. My room is a mess, and if it weren’t for my hubby I would have no clean clothes to wear, and I would have eaten cereal every day except for those times when I ate out. I was on a mission to meet this goal, and I have succeeded.

Now the work begins.

These 32,000 words take me a little over a third of the way through the story I want to tell. And so I must keep going. But I don’t have the ambition to challenge myself to continue writing at this pace. I’m not sure it would be healthy if I did. I can live with a certain level of mess, but even I have my limits. So I guess I’ll do some spring cleaning, and hopefully get back to this story and finish it.

As soon as I finish the two other stories I’ve got brewing.

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