Friday, February 4, 2011

Our New Little Miracle

Her name is Bridget. Bridget Grace.

I love the name. It's unique enough to make her stand out, but not so unique as to make people furrow their brows with a puzzled expression on their faces. It's fun, and reminds me of the quirky title character in Bridget Jones' Diary. It was one of my favorite movies. There's a girl who's a survivor. And the story has a happily ever after ending. I'm not sure if Bridget Jones was the inspiration for the name, but she's not a bad character to be named for.

She is a tiny replica of her mother, with a little of her father's light coloring. She has nice long fingers, which means she the potential to be a great piano player. As a musician, that makes me very excited.

I'm sure her parents have lots of great plans for this child. They are both ambitious, well-educated people who love children, and they would want nothing less than the best of what life has to offer for their child. She is one lucky girl. And she lives exactly twenty-five minutes away. I know where I'll be headed as often as possible.

And I plan to spoil her rotten!

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