Monday, November 8, 2010

Losing My Marbles

I am a bad grandma.

Last Tuesday I missed another of my grandkids' events! I was on facebook when I saw Scottie's post "My orchestra concert was good tonight." AAAAAAAAHHHHH! I even had the concert on the calendar! So that makes three things in two months. I missed Gabe's band concert, Morgan's Powder Puff game, and now Scottie's concert. I suck, as the kids would say. Why didn't I even look at the calendar? It was on both the phone and on the wall calendar. Mark's been really preoccupied with his mom, and I'm preoccupied with my mom, but I had nothing to do last night after my class. I could easily have made it there. I feel soooo bad.

I couldn’t figure out why I would be so unaware of commitments I had made. Up until a few years ago, before my kids could drive, I had to keep track of not only my schedule, but theirs – and we all usually got to where we were supposed to be. Could I really blame it on aging?

Anyway, I went online and found out when the next high school band concert is at Hudsonville, and the next orchestra concert is at Duncan Lake Middle School. And I have them both on the calendar. In bright red ink. I hope I remember to look at it.

Two of the three grandkids have forgiven me. I wonder what else I can do to remember these things?

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