Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New Release and Review: Christmas Grace, Signing Seeds by Lynn Donovan

Grace Avery's husband was her rock, the foundation to her faith and her life. Now a young, grieving widow, she longs to have his baby, but artificial insemination fails her again and again. How far will she go to have his baby? She cries out to God, but He isn't listening. When the Worship Team Leader asks her to come back and bless the congregation with her gift of sign language during the Christmas Eve Program, her stifling grief holds her back. Can sharing her gift be the seed needed to reap the harvest she so desperately wants? Is God's grace sufficient? Is there Christmas Grace?
Published by Astraea Press Cover by Cora Graphics 

About this author:  Lynn Donovan spends her days chasing after her muses, trying to get them to settle down and behave long enough to dictate their words and actions. The results have produced The Clockwork Dragon, a collection of nine short stories in which she wrote half (4.5 stories), The Wishing Well Curse, and Thorns of Betrayal, Rocking Horse Shadows, and Christmas Grace, Signing Seeds. A speculative fiction called Fertility Pirates is hovering out there somewhere. Lynn enjoys reading and writing Christian fiction, paranormal, and speculative fiction. But you never know what her muses will come up with for a story, so you could see a novel under any given genre. All we can tell you is keep your eyes open, cause these muses are not sitting still for long! Oops, there they go again…
My thoughts: 

Christmas Grace, Signing Seeds is a gentle story about a widow’s journey in coming to terms with her husband’s death. Grace and Chris had planned to have children and raise them together, but God has other plans. Just as Grace is ready to slow concentrate less on her career and more on her husband’s wish to have a child, he is taken from her. She is overcome with grief, but her mother and sister are there to support her, as well as the people in her church.

It seemed that much of the first half of the story is told through inner dialogue, even though it’s written in third person. The action picks up more in the second half, when Faith and Liz, Grace’s sister and mother, begin to help her dig her way out of the crippling grief. She finds her support group is even wider when she goes back to the church where she and Chris worshipped.

The happily-ever-after was definitely not what I expected, although it’s a nice pleasant one. Grace learns to trust in God’s timing and His plan for her life, and when she does that, everything else falls into place. It’s a great reminder.

Christmas Grace can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes andNoble, and other ebook outlets.

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