Tuesday, July 15, 2014

What's in the Mail?

          I remember how I used to get so excited whenever there was mail addressed to me. Now, it's not so exciting, because in addition to those dreaded bills (the ones that don't come electronically), there is tons of junk mail. So yesterday I was pleasantly surprised to find a small package from one of my publishers. What would she be sending me?
          It turns out I had signed up for a promotional opportunity last fall - several authors volunteered to try out a new idea called drop cards. We each pitched in money to have these plastic credit card-like things made, each printed with codes that would enable the bearer of the card to download several of our books. We could use them however we wanted - as prizes, as gifts, or simple giveaways. The start-up cost was somewhat hefty, especially since we were starting on the holiday season, but I went ahead and sent the funds, and forgot about it.
          Well, now I am SO GLAD I invested in this project! The cards arrived, and all of them include my book The Samurai's Garden as well as the others in the picture above. I've got several to start using as giveaways in the many promotional activities I'm participating in this summer, starting with the Sweet Authors Promotional Event on Facebook. This Thursday evening I'm hosting the event from 8 to 10 pm EDT. You can join me by clicking on the logo below and then clicking JOIN - Several other sweet authors are participating - Christi Corbett, author of Along the Way Home, has the same cards and will also be giving some away. This is a great chance to win not one, but SIX great books - and then you too can get excited about what's in the mail!

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