Thursday, October 10, 2013

What Does Art Look Like?

This past month, the city of Grand Rapids became a canvas for artists all around the world. For the fifth year, hundreds of artists came to display their brand of art for the public to see, enjoy and react to by voting. And vote we did. We registered by the thousands at one of several locations, and then got on our computers or smart phones to give a "thumbs up" to whatever entries stuck our fancy. Entire families made a day of it, walking or taking shuttle buses to area venues. Some were indoors, some outside, one street corners, on the walls of buildings, and even in the Grand River.
This year, the top prize of $20,000 went to a quilt. I was thrilled. I'd seen it and voted for it, not just because I appreciate the workmanship that went into it, but because I knew how much time she must have spent on the four huge panels that made up the scene of the Sleeping Bear Dunes. I'd also seen the second place winner and had given that a thumbs up because the polar bear pictures were so lifelike I at first thought they were photographs!
Photo by Chris Allen-Riley. Used with permission.
This past weekend, with the voting finished, the art pieces came down. Some of them were sold, some were taken back to wherever the artists took them, and some were simply dismantled. One news reporter commented on how colorless the city looked without all the special displays. I disagree. While the artwork was lovely, nature provided an even more awesome spectacle. It's fall, my favorite time of year. Part of the reason is because of the magnificent rich colors in the foliage all around. I haven't spent a lot of time outdoors this week, but a few of my friends have, and I got their permission to share their photos with you. Look, enjoy, and appreciate God's handiwork.

Photo by Erin Gant Photography. Used with permission.