Friday, August 16, 2013

Sweet Saturday: Love's Refrain #6

Welcome back! I took a long break from Sweet Saturday Samples to concentrate on some projects. None of them are quite finished yet, so I'm sharing another sample from Love's Refrain, my latest release from Astraea Press. This is a regency romance, featuring Andrew Bradford, Earl of Covington, and Lady Laura Montgomery. Laura is acting as chaperone for her younger stepsister, Lady Miranda. She receives a visitor, one she remembers from her own season ten years ago. (Note: in the first sentence, "the sisters" refers to Laura and Miranda.)

The sisters, Cousin Reginald, and Cousin Augusta had just completed a rather late breakfast when Jones entered with a calling card on a silver tray. "Sir, a caller."
Reginald Montgomery took the card and glanced at it. He handed it to Laura. "Lord Covington," he explained. "I have no business with him. Do you suppose he's come to call on Juliet?"
 Both girls stared. "Lord Covington?" Laura recovered first. "Er — will you allow her to see him?"
"Mmm? I suppose. Laura, why don't you take care of it—after all, you are her chaperone. I have business to attend to. If he's come for me, you can send him to my study." Having settled the matter in his mind, he rose and left the table.
So, I am to grant permission for Andrew, Lord Covington, to call on my sister. With a sigh, she turned to Jones. "Please tell the earl I will receive him in the morning room." At the butler's nod, she made her way to the appointed place, smoothing her dress and hair as she walked. Reaching the morning room, she stepped to the center of the floor, turned, and took a deep, fortifying breath just before Jones opened the door to usher in her guest. She opened her mouth to greet the earl but paused when she realized he wasn't alone.
"Lord Covington, how delightful to see you," Laura said as she curtseyed. "And Lady Covington, what a wonderful surprise."
Lord Covington nodded, though she detected a bit of anger behind his polite mask.
"I asked my son to bring me here this morning," the countess informed her, "because I was so enchanted with your sister, and I wanted to see her again."
Laura's brows rose. "I am pleased my sister made a favorable impression, my lady."
"Indeed she did, but she is far too pale. She needs to get outdoors more. My son will be available to take her for a ride this afternoon, if you allow it."
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  1. Poor Laura, being on the periphery of things; I wonder how she feels about it?


    1. Laura definitely has a hard time dealing with this - not because she's the chaperone, but because she's always been attracted to Lord Covington.

  2. Very nice, Patty. Thanks for sharing this sample!

  3. Replies
    1. It's a romance, so there's got to be a happily ever after!

  4. I'm surprised he mentions being too pale as a potential setback. I would've thought being very pale in those days was considered a good thing, particularly since high-society women weren't really encouraged to be outside often enough to get tanned.

    1. True, Carrie-Anne. It's his mom that says that - and she's definitely unconventional!