Wednesday, October 17, 2012

He Who Has the Gold - Please Welcome Author S.G. Rogers

Today I am honored to introduce fellow Astraea Press author S.G. Rogers. A prolific author with a wicked sense of humor, S.G. has been kind enough to host me twice on her blog, Child of Yden. Her YA fantasy, The Last Great Wizard of Yden, was the very first book offered as the Astraea Press Book Club feature. Even though I don't read much fantasy, I love reading S.G.'s books because the characters, though magical, are totally believable and thoroughly entertaining. She's here today to talk about her newest release, Tournament of Chance, published by Musa Publishing.

Thanks, Patty, for letting me guest on your blog today to talk about my latest release! 
Have you ever heard the Golden Rule?

He who has the gold, makes the rules

King Chance has the gold and the game is his: any maiden in the kingdom of Destiny, whether she’s high or lowborn, may earn a seat at court if she wins the Tournament of Chance. 

Only the fix is in.

Dragon rebels have long suspected the tournament was a fake, and this year Heather of the Jagged Peaks will prove it.  She has the skill to win…but the king will do anything to stop her.

It’s the perfect setting for a revolution.

The king doesn’t realize, however, Heather will set in motion a prophecy long in the making…and Heather doesn’t know the revolution she sparks will hurl her eight hundred years back in time.  Her wits and endurance help her survive, only to confront a horrible dilemma — if she changes the future in order to liberate Destiny, will she lose her heart forever?

~ S.G. Rogers


Saltimar raised his tankard for a toast. “To my extraordinary daughter, the next winner of the Tournament of Chance!”

“We’re counting on you, Heather,” Vicar Jenns added. “You’ve become an inspiration for common folk everywhere.”

Heather grinned. “I’ll do my best.”

“Let us also drink to King Chance. It’s because of his tournament that our Heather has the opportunity to become a Lady,” Saltimar said.

At that, Ustin stood. “You’re daft, every one of you. Don’t you realize the tournament is for show? The king will never let a commoner win.”

The tavern roof nearly lifted off its rafters with the echo of boos, but Saltimar raised his hands for quiet. “The lass with the truest aim will be the winner, Ustin. Arrows don’t lie.”

Ustin folded his arms across his chest. “No commoner has ever won the tournament. How do you explain that?”

“Cream rises, Ustin. This year, it’s Heather’s turn,” the vicar said.

“Heather will never be made a member of the nobility under this monarch. Mark my words,” Ustin said.

“Better be careful, lad. With talk like that, you might be mistaken for a rebel,” Saltimar chortled.

Everyone laughed except for Ustin, and the celebration continued unabated. Casting a dark glance around the room, Ustin left the tavern without another word.

Available in all e-formats from Musa Publishing HERE. Also available at Amazon. Coming soon to and wherever fine e-books are sold.  (MSRP $4.99) Until October 21, Tournament of Chance is on sale at Smashwords for $0.99. You must use coupon code AC57D at checkout. Tell a friend! And if you enjoy the book, please don’t forget to leave a review to let others know why.  Go HERE to purchase.

To learn more about author S.G. Rogers, visit her blog at


  1. Ooooh, great blurb! I gotta start reading this one soon. :-) So tell us why you're so famous, S. G. Because you met Stephanie and Pierce a la Remington Steele??

    1. Indeed I did, Meg. Two very attractive people, I must say.

  2. Thanks for having me on your beautiful blog, Patty!

  3. Oh! Great excerpt. I don't read fantasy much, but I think I may have to check this out.

    1. Thanks Kelly. When I wrote the short story Tournament of Chance is based on, it had no magic in it at all!

  4. My pleasure, SG! I bought the book and can't wait to read it - as soon as I read one of your other books, of course.

    1. You are one of the most supportive people I know. Thanks, Patty. :-D

  5. Fascinating story. Wishing you much success.