Friday, May 4, 2012

Sweet Saturday

Welcome back! I'm taking a break from sharing my quilting series while I do some major revisions. Today I have a short snippet from my very first novella, The Legacy:

The crate looked different from anything she had ever seen. It was black, inlaid with delicate gold flowers. Though it was covered with a thick layer of dust, she could tell it was a treasure. Inside were some old Japanese clothes, a scroll, and two swords, one long and ornately decorated, the other shorter and plainer.
“I wonder how your family got these.”
“Dad says we had a samurai ancestor.”
“It would have been over a hundred and forty years ago. The samurai were outlawed in 1870.”
Andy’s hands stopped. He sat up and stared at his friend. A single raised brow communicated his question.
She shrugged. “I read about it.”
His eyes crinkled and his lips curved. “Your manga?”
Andy was the only person who didn't tease or belittle her about her passion for the manga comics. “Yeah, I guess so. They teach a lot of history.”
They looked back at the items in the crate. “This stuff is super old, ”Leigh mused. “Seems kind of a waste to have it rotting out here. Let's bring it in the house so we can look at it closer in better light and show it to the rest of the family.”

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  1. I do love your awesome descriptive writing. I was right there beside your characters in this scene. :-)

  2. I remember reading some of this story before but never the beginning.

  3. I enjoyed this scene, especially the dialogue. It sounds real -- exactly the way people really talk. I'm curious about the treasures they've found too.

  4. Nice sample! It's always fun to look through old trunks and discover family treasures, and I love Japanese history.