Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Treading Water

            It's been a rough few weeks. I've been working lots of extra hours at one "part time" job, and trying to keep up grading papers for the two classes I teach. And GRRWG began its annual Novel Writing Challenge, fondly referred to as Winter NaNo. I committed to write thirty-two thousand words on a new project in twenty-eight days. That's 1143 words per day. Today is the fifth day of the challenge and so far I'm on track. But if I keep up this pace with my other jobs, I'll burn out quickly. I'm cautiously optimistic things will be better next week. Anyway, I'm treading water here!
            So because I'm kind of tired, I'm going to refer you to some writing I've done on other blogs. Astraea Press authors are a wonderfully supportive group, especially when one of us has a new release. So these are all people who have featured me and my new book. Click on the author's name to see the post:
On February 4, I was a guest at JF Jenkins' blog. Well, actually the main characters from Aegean Intrigue were guests. They did a couples' interview. If you look at the blog you'll see pictures of Alex and Francie (or at least what they looked like in my mind as I wrote).
            On February 8 Lindsay Downs had me as a guest at her blog. We chatted about my trip to Greece and how it inspired me to write Aegean Intrigue.
            Nell Dixon was kind enough to feature Aegean Intrigue at her blog on February 11. 
            I've got other guest interviews coming up later this month, so I'll probably post a notice here directing you to them. In the meantime, take a look at the "eternity scarf" I put together using directions I found online and some more fabric I had lying around. I got my daughter to model it and see if she'd wear it. It got a lukewarm reaction. Maybe she'll get it, maybe not…

            I also made a little fleece hat for my youngest granddaughter. The other seven grandkids got their hats for Christmas, but Bridget's hat needed to be taken in a bit to fit. It's still a little loose but she doesn't seem to mind wearing it!


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    1. Thanks, SG! Each of my grandkids is a blessing. Bridget is a sweetheart, so even-tempered and happy.

  2. Love the hat! You sure are busy. I enjoy seeing your finished projects.

    1. Thanks, Diane! Sewing is my therapy. But sometimes I have to push myself to do it, even though I love it. So much to do, so little time...