Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweet Saturday Samples

This conversation follows the scene from last week's sample. Again, it's from my historical, set in Japan in the 1870s. My main character is a former samurai soldier.

"You could afford to stay in the finest hotels, and learn about farming from a wealthy landowner," Hanako argued.

“But the wealthy landowner would not be able to show me the pleasure of working with the soil, of creating something from nothing. He would not show me the beauty of the sunrise, the wonderful fresh smell after a spring rain or the musical melodies of the insects in the evening. If I stayed in a fine inn, I would not understand all the difficulties you face and see how you manage in spite of them. You are a far better teacher than any moneyed landowner, and your lessons are worth far more than what I have paid for your livestock and taxes.” He stopped speaking then, realizing he had said more than he’d intended. He stirred his culinary creation then pulled two new bowls from his bottomless pack and scooped a generous portion onto one. Then he brought it to her, with a new pair of chopsticks.

Hanako was stunned at the novelty of having a man serve her, as well as the poetic way Hiro had described her life. Could it be that he understood why she stayed here, despite all the hardships and advice against it? Was it possible that a man who had been raised to destroy could actually embrace a life that celebrated growth? Could she trust him? But no, he wasn’t offering a lifetime. He was only here temporarily. Soon he would pack his swords and leave. If he wanted to continue farming, he would purchase his own land, and she would go back to her dreary existence. She refused to think of that.

Instead, she simply smiled and said, “I am glad that you are pleased with your experience here. I will work hard to ensure you learn enough to make it worth your investment. But I insist that when the harvest is in, you must share in the profit.”

He regarded her silently for a moment, and then turned to fill his own plate. He took his time pouring himself some tea and carefully brought his meal over toward her futon. He settled himself on a cushion and began to eat. Hanako wondered if he planned to ignore her assertion and was about to repeat herself when he finally answered. “There is one way that we can settle the matter of money owed and profit shared.”

“How is that possible?”

“We could marry.”

Thanks for stopping by! The characters above say "honor", another of the samurai virtues.

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  1. Yes they could!! Great sample.

  2. They could marry but will she say yes.

  3. Well, that's telling her, but will she agree? I hope so. Another great sample.

  4. Well, that's definitely one way of settling the matter! Does she say yes? Nice sample!

  5. LoL, loved the way he dropped that bombshell of a last line. Great job.

  6. Wonder what her answer will be. I hope for his sake she says yes! I like him.

    Here' my sample: