Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sweet Saturday Sample

Thanks for stopping in! This week I'm sharing a scene from my Yet-To-Be-Named Work in Progress. It's a contemporary short story, taking place on the Greek Island of Paros:

The music stopped, and the dancers paused as an elderly gentleman made his way to the head of the men’s line. His gait was slow and unsteady, but his face was determined. She saw the doubtful looks on the faces of the other dancers, but tradition dictated the eldest person would lead the dance, and the rest had to follow. Would this man be up to the task?

And then he was there. Alex stood next to the old man, but instead of taking the man’s hand, he wrapped his right arm around the man’s frail body, holding him upright. The other men wordlessly fell into place behind Alex, and the music began. The line moved, Alex supporting the patriarch’s weight with one arm. Up and down the street they went, cheers and applause coming from those not dancing. The music soared, and the old man's wide, toothless smile tugged at Francie’s heart.

When the dance was over, Alex guided the man back to his seat in the tavern. Several of the villagers patted his shoulder in acknowledgement. A woman pressed a huge piece of baklava, wrapped in a napkin, into his hands. "Efharisto - thank you," she whispered to him before she returned to her seat beside the old man.

Alex Leonidis was a special man. But he was Greek, he was powerful, and he was charming. Francie knew if she weren’t careful, she could fall in love again with the wrong man. Doing so would be sheer stupidity.

Too bad her heart didn’t want to listen.

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  1. I loved the atmosphere you paked into this snippet, andthe personalities of your hero nd herone.

  2. AWWW...what a sweetheart. Would like to read more.

  3. Now I NEED to know what makes him possibly the "wrong man." Very nice!

  4. Bet he ends up being the 'right' man

  5. Sounds like a great story! Love that the hero is a powerful, yet considerate man. I think he'll turn out to be the perfect guy for the heroine.

  6. In just that small section you created such a lovely picture of the perfect gentleman! Thank you!
    W.S. Gager

  7. Love the way you show his kindness, rather than just telling us he's a good guy. Nicely done!

  8. VERY NICE! Love the emotion here. :-)

  9. Oh, this is stupendous work! Thank you.

    Marsha Ward
    Writer in the Pines